Sunday, October 30, 2011


I have to share the most wonderful news with those I love most in this world.

The news I have is more precious, by far, than diamonds or rubies or gold.

There was an enormous void in my life. “Is this all there is?” I would ask.

I searched far to find some meaning in life. It seemed an unknowable task.

One day someone shared the Gospel with me, and I learned that Jesus is real.

I prayed to invite Him into my heart and was filled with astonishing zeal!

The day that He gave His life on the Cross, to save all mankind from our sin,

He opened to us salvation by grace; life eternal, the prize that we win.

You know that I share the best that I have with my cherished family and friends,

so listen, dear one, to this wonderful news upon which ever-after depends.

Just open your Bible to the Gospel of John, third chapter, verse number three,

then read of God’s love in the sixteenth verse to learn what has happened to me.

Some people grow up with Bible in hand, without Jesus burning in heart,

some haven’t explored the true meaning of life, some wouldn’t know where to start.

Whether you’re Protestant, Jewish, my friend, Catholic, Muslim, atheist,

my news is for you and all who will hear, who long to receive of God’s best.

You needn’t become a fanatic or prude, I’ve no list of do nots and dos.

God’s Spirit will teach you all you need know. The offer’s too good to refuse.

Although tribulation may take you by storm and trials may bring a hard test,

God’s greater, He’s faithful, He’ll bring you through to victory. You’ll shine in His rest.

This can be the greatest day of your life, the day you receive the New Birth.

This can be the day you begin to know why we’re the happiest people on earth.

Like me, you will yearn to share the Good News with all of the people you love.

Like me, you will want all those you meet to be touched by our Great God above.

Maude Carolan Pych

*This is my most frequently requested poem.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Celebrate Autumn With Two More Sunflower Poems



God shines joy!  Big!  Bold!

Earth umber haloed in gold.

Sunflower.  Full bloom.

Maude Carolan Pych



Stooped specters stand above my head;
giant sunflowers, shriveled, dead.

Remember when they lined the lanes
with freckled faces, golden manes?

We so admired their stately style;
could not pass by without a smile.

Well, they have had their glory days,
competing with the sun’s own blaze.

Their golden tears have bathed the earth.
With petals gone, so is the mirth

they gave. Their leaves are brittle brown;
their heads are drooping toward the ground,

like men whose grandeur has been lost
by life that’s hurled them tempest-tossed.

It would be sad, but heed my words…
Their seeds now feed the hungry birds!

Maude Carolan Pych


Sunday, October 2, 2011

Celebrating one magnificent aspect of God's creation...



Lafayette, New Jersey, September 1, 2001

God’s abundance wows me

from a sprawling field of sunflowers

which tower above

on thick woody stalks

They lift great ochre heads

framed in ragged haloes

of yellow gold

to shine sunrays upon me

like God’s own radiant face

amid a communion of saints

and I must smile back

Their leaves

are big green hearts

In their midst

my own heart

grows and greens

How God loves me!

He astonishes His child

with wondrous whimsies

Soon, when the season ends

they’ll just nod their weary heads

and shed their golden haloes

on the ground

and bequeath their gift of seed

to ravens of the air

which will feast festively

upon God’s abundance

unto them

Maude Carolan