Tuesday, July 23, 2024


Metamorphosis of a monarch butterfly.



Once I was a caterpillar, dwelling upon the earth,

crawling along day by day, adept at feigning mirth.

I only knew the earthy life; I thought that that was it;

I took what terra firma gave, the pleasures and the grit.

There was no beauty in me.  No one ever looked here twice,

Few cared if I were evil; no one knew if I were nice.

I was only concerned with myself, what the earth could give,

yet, inside I was sensing a far better way to live.

Instinct led me to spin a thread and weave a neat cocoon;

I became a living mummy, wrapped tight within my tomb.

What was happening to me?  I tried to kick and shout,

“Help me!  Open up this thing!  I want to get right out!”

No one heard and I was powerless, so I went to sleep,

not knowing what was ahead of me, feeling something deep.

I don’t know how much time went by within my tiny tomb,

but sensed that I was being changed, as one inside a womb.

Finally, instinct worked in me.  There was a sudden urge

to break out of my chrysalis and from the dark emerge.

Somehow, I then received the strength to burst my being free;

Alas, the golden Light broke through and there was a new me!

I took some time to understand, some time to wonder why,

then I just shook myself a bit and I began to fly!

And `lo, I was so beautiful, and `lo, I saw the sun...

Oh, after living on the earth, soaring was great fun!

A wretched worm was I no more; I knew that fact was true,

I was reborn and I became a creation wholly new!

A butterfly!  A butterfly!  I received my wings,

glorious splendors of the Heavens, all the higher things.

All old things have passed away; they’ll never come again;

I’ve set my mind on things above, on these I will attend.

Now, even when I swoop to earth and walk upon the ground,

I’ll never be a worm again...I’m Butterfly...glory bound!

Praise God for metamorphosis, it’s by His loving grace

that I’m a new creation now, and I shall see His Face.


Maude Carolan

Sunday, July 14, 2024

"Sky Dancers"

I planted a butterfly bush and milkweed in the hope of helping the endangered monarch butterflies. I've seen three monarchs so far this summer and hope for more, perhaps a bright bunch of sky dancers like the ones pictured here...



There's something happy about butterflies.

They flit-flitter as they flutter by,

flying flowers against the azure sky.


They alight upon the milkweed, and then

they circle, soar and alight again,

toe-dancing on pink petals in the glen.


Ever dwelling in hue and sweet fragrance,

in garden splendor they flicker as they dance.

Pollination is purely happenstance.


I delight in their overflow of joy.

(They wouldn't even know how to be coy.)

A flame of mirth! A whirligig! A toy!


Do they recall they once were grubby worms,

remember well their dark and squiggly squirms?

Reborn, now grace and beauty each affirms!


This almost seems to be sheer fantasy,

sky dancers as enchanting as can be,

springing from blossoms right in front of me!


So, merrily a-nectaring they go,

reaping and sowing sweetness in day-glow…

Seems they have learned what all of us should know.


In contemplation of their simple ways,

I wish to add their ballet to my days,

to sky dance gracefully on wings of praise!


Maude Carolan Pych

Sunday, July 7, 2024

It's Butterfly Season

My last blog post was May 26th. A few days after that my computer quit. I went shopping with my daughter Beth and grandson Dean and selected a new laptop. Dean set it up for me and has been helping me get used to it because there've been lots of changes since my old unit which was about fifteen years old. With a little luck this will be the first post using my brand new Lenova computer.

The poem I'm sharing today is an oldie. It is about a visit to the Butterfly Pavillion in Westminster, Colorado in 2007. We took our granddaughter Isabel, now grown-up and in college, but then three years old.



Westminster, Colorado ~~~August 21, 2007


'Twas a magical land for Isabel, three

a tropical rain-forest, lush and misty


dense with fern, bright hibiscus and leafy trees

lazy old turtles, a muddy swamp, no breeze


Fluttering way up high, coasting low, low, low

thousands of butterflies gave a sky-dance show


They glided and swirled around us everywhere…

above, around us; we had wings in our hair!


Vibrant creations, every colorful hue

flaming red, orange, green and electric blue!


On Isabel, a mariposa alighted

Was she afraid? No. Issy was delighted!


She spied a swallowtail asleep in a tree

Our little girl picked it up, most carefully


then she set the yellow creature free…oh, my!

It flew off happily…fast as it could fly!


Caterpillars, chrysalises, some breaking free…

Winged ones as fanciful as insects can be!


In a special kiosk, a fine artist drew

with bright paint on children, butterfly tattoos


Issy selected a beauty she liked lots—

a splendid specimen with green polka dots!


That evening she told of all the fun she had

and showed her painted tattoo to Mom and Dad


Maude Carolan Pych

2007 Revised 8/24/14