Sunday, April 29, 2012

Have you ever longed to be a messenger of God's peace?


I wanted to tell her
but whenever I started
she cut me short
or changed the subject
for these were things
spoken as death crouched

I wanted to wash
wildness from her eyes
with soothing words of salvation,
eternity, God’s radiant face
as He’d stand to greet

wanted to speak
of emerald rainbows
round the Throne,
of crystal sea,
streets of transparent gold

wanted to usher her in peace
to the place prepared
but she wouldn’t listen
except to trivialities,
wouldn’t speak
except of suffering

They sedated her heavily
as much to quiet her terror
as ease her pain

I so wanted to tell her
but she never came back

Maude Carolan

Thursday, April 19, 2012

I'd Like You to Meet My Best Friend...


Sometimes I go to God's house,
sometimes He visits mine;
He often comes to work with me
and helps me pass the time.

He's with me in the kitchen
when I cook and as I scrub;
I meditate upon Him
while lolling in the tub.

He keeps me company driving
and when I take a walk;
God and I stroll quietly
and other times, we talk.

God's there when I am shopping
and watering my flowers;
He inspires my writing,
in computer weary hours.

He's in me as I minister
and hears me as I pray,
lifts me up when I am downcast
and helps me through the day.

He sups with me at table
and He joins me in my rest.
Oh, when we are communing,
they're the times I like the best.

God loves it when I worship Him
and glorify His Name;
He shines His Face upon me
and ignites me with His Flame!

I read to know God better,
for He knows all about me;
fills sleepy thoughts at bedtime
with His sweet tranquility.

How blessed I am to know Him!
Love overflows my heart!
I count upon His faithfulness
and know we'll never part.

My heart is filled with gladness
every moment that I spend
with The Creator of the Universe,
Holy God, my Friend.

Maude Carolan

Several years ago I read Friendship With God by Wayne Monbleau, and learned about having a personal and intimate relationship with "the lover of my soul". You can have that kind of a relationship with Him, too!

This poem was written in 2000.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Pieta


After the earthquake
the peals of thunder
the flashes of lightening across the sky
After the curious crowds dispersed
Mary sat in ominous dimness
upon a mound of earth
at the base of The Cross
holding the body
of her Son

She cradled Him
in the hollow of her lap
close to her bosom
as she had
when he was
her baby boy

Mary removed
thorns of mockery
that encircled His forehead
and tossed it to the side
Straining to see in the shadows
she carefully picked
fragments of thorn needles
still stuck in His lifeless flesh
although they couldn’t hurt Him
any longer

With her fingertips
she tenderly closed the lids
over His dark, vacant eyes
and smoothed
the disheveled, matted hair
…then she kissed Him

O my beautiful Son…

Tears flowed
down her face onto His cheeks
mingling with dried blood
With the edge of her garment
she wiped some blood away

John came
and rested his hand
upon her trembling shoulder
He was now her son
She was now his mother

too deep to comprehend
swirled in her mind
like the flap and flutter
of wings and overshadowing
Son of the Most High
and David’s throne

like pregnant Elizabeth’s joy
when the baby leapt in her womb
and the Baptizer himself, when grown
proclaiming his younger cousin
“The Lamb of God, Who
takes away the sin of the world”

and Simeon’s prophesy
that Jesus would be
a Light of revelation
to the Gentiles and the glory
of the people of Israel

Where is the Light?
Where is the glory?
Where is the throne?

Overwhelmed by sorrow
so intense it stabbed her
deep, deep in her inner parts
Mary cried out in anguish
and rent her robe

Was this what old Simeon meant
long ago in the Temple
when he held Jesus in his arms
and said a sword would pierce
my very soul?

O my Son, my beautiful Son…

I cannot fathom the ways of God, but

I do know this cannot be the end

Maude Carolan Pych

I want to take this opportunity to wish all of my readers a solemn Good Friday and a joyful Resurrection Day!  Alleluia! Christ is risen from the dead!