Thursday, April 19, 2012

I'd Like You to Meet My Best Friend...


Sometimes I go to God's house,
sometimes He visits mine;
He often comes to work with me
and helps me pass the time.

He's with me in the kitchen
when I cook and as I scrub;
I meditate upon Him
while lolling in the tub.

He keeps me company driving
and when I take a walk;
God and I stroll quietly
and other times, we talk.

God's there when I am shopping
and watering my flowers;
He inspires my writing,
in computer weary hours.

He's in me as I minister
and hears me as I pray,
lifts me up when I am downcast
and helps me through the day.

He sups with me at table
and He joins me in my rest.
Oh, when we are communing,
they're the times I like the best.

God loves it when I worship Him
and glorify His Name;
He shines His Face upon me
and ignites me with His Flame!

I read to know God better,
for He knows all about me;
fills sleepy thoughts at bedtime
with His sweet tranquility.

How blessed I am to know Him!
Love overflows my heart!
I count upon His faithfulness
and know we'll never part.

My heart is filled with gladness
every moment that I spend
with The Creator of the Universe,
Holy God, my Friend.

Maude Carolan

Several years ago I read Friendship With God by Wayne Monbleau, and learned about having a personal and intimate relationship with "the lover of my soul". You can have that kind of a relationship with Him, too!

This poem was written in 2000.

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