Sunday, December 31, 2023

Happy New Year 2024


Happy New Year!  




     Among my most meaningful things to do

     while reading the Holy Scriptures through

     is write Messiah's name in the margin

     of the Old Testament, where'er I find Him.

     Of course, I do not find Jesus' name,

     but I certainly find Him, just the same.


     I find Him in the Lamb and the Lion,

     foreshadows of the Temple in Zion,

     find Him in Joshua, David, Passover,

     in the Song, the whale, cover to cover.

     I've thumbed through pages and jotted a few

     Messianic scriptures to share with you:


     Messiah's birth was foretold in Micah, five;

     seven centuries later, Jesus arrived;

     Virgin birth proclaimed, Isaiah seven,

     a Son would be fathered by God in Heaven.

     Kings would bow down to Him and nations serve,

     Solomon's Psalm Seventy-two observed.


     He'd be pierced and mourned, said Zechariah;

     Our Redeemer, fifty-three, Isaiah,

     this foretold of resurrection glory!

     Genesis to Revelation, God's great story!

     The Word reveals a magnificent plan

     in this tome of Our Savior, God and Man.


                        I’ve said farewell to Twenty Twenty-three

                        Twenty Twenty-four is in front of me

                        I’ve made resolutions and set some dates

                        marked up the calendar, my plans look great


                        but there’s one thing I always love to do

                        that is to read the Holy Bible through

                        Each page holds the wisdom I’ll need in life

                        throughout days of joy and the times of strife


                        I’ll be on track for Twenty Twenty-four

                        learning of mercy and grace, love and more

                        about God my Father, and Jesus, friend

                        an epic love story, page one to the end


Maude Carolan Pych


Monday, December 25, 2023

"It Started in Eternity"

 A-Poem-a-Day Until Christmas

Merry Christmas!

Today I am featuring my new Christmas poem for 2023...

Image credit: Our Daily Bread

IT STARTED IN ETERNITY                                  

“But as for you, Bethlehem Ephrathah, too little to be

among the clans of Judah, from you One will go forth for

Me to be ruler in Israel, His goings forth are from long ago,

from the days of eternity.” Micah 5:2 NASB


God has set eternity in our hearts—[1]


Even so, its existence is             

both astonishing and mystifying

as I contemplate Jesus dwelling there

One in Trinity with the Father and Spirit

long before His birth

while all was formless and void


Somewhere in time

God designed a marvelous plan

of Salvation for mankind

He sent Jesus to Earth

to be born, miraculously

of a virgin in Bethlehem


Jesus became Flesh

the Son of God the Father

and came to us, prepared

to die on a cross

as a Sacrificial Lamb

to atone for our sins


He was the Messiah—

the King of the Jews


So it’s no wonder a brilliant star

lit up the Heavens and shone

over the place He was born

No wonder a host of angels

appeared in the sky

to announce His arrival

then burst into singing gloriously

to lowly shepherds in a field

and certainly no wonder

that the magi who traveled far

and brought gifts to Him

bowed prostrate in His honor


The Savior of the World was born—

God’s plan was in motion


After the Crucifixion

and His glorious Resurrection

when His mission was complete

Jesus ascended to His Father

and took His seat at God’s right hand


There He waits for us to be with Him

…in Eternity


Yes, Eternity…


where the gates are pearl[2]

and the streets are gold

and the foundation of the city

glistens with precious gemstones


where the Heavens are illuminated

by God and its lamp is the Lamb


Am I able to comprehend all this?




But I believe my Bible

is the Word of God


therefore I know it’s true


Maude Carolan Pych

[1] Eccl 3:11 NASB

[2] Rev 21:18-25 NASB

"Behold the Lamb...poetically"

by Maude Carolan Pych,

is available online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, CBD, etc.

Sunday, December 24, 2023

"'Twas the Night...of All Nights!"

 A-Poem-a-Day Until Christmas

The following poem was written especially for children

to read or listen to on Christmas Eve. 

Merry Christmas to all!

Here is a YouTube video of me
reading this poem. Just click on it.



Children, gather round. It’s time for a story,

one that’s filled with hallelujahs and glory.


It’s about the glorious night of all nights,

angels and magi and sight of all sights!


About God, a virgin, the birth of a king,

wooly sheep, poor shepherds and gift giving!


My story takes place long ago, far away

and starts with a Babe in a crib full of hay;


His mother’s a virgin, His father is God,

the birth, a miraculous Heavenly nod.


The Baby is born in a Bethlehem barn

near a few smelly animals, like on a farm.


Poor shepherds in a field shudder with fright

when suddenly the dark sky fills up with light


as beautiful angels, bright splendors winging

tell of the birth with hallelujahs and singing!


So, the shepherds and sheep the very next morn

set off to visit this special Newborn.


Rich wisemen follow a bright beaming star

to the Bethlehem barn; the journey is far.


They ride astride camels, carrying treasures

to give to the One they’ll worship forever.


Why in the world would they do such strange things?

Why travel so far? Why great treasures bring?


The reason is simple, the Babe in the hay

becomes the world’s Savior, Who takes sin away.


His name is Jesus and He loves you and me

and wants us to love Him for eternity.


That was the night of all nights here on Earth…

the wonderful story of Jesus’ birth!


Maude Carolan Pych


Saturday, December 23, 2023

"Another Silent Night"

 A-Poem-a-Day Until Christmas

Mary at Jesus' bedside

Listen to Maude read "Another Silent Night."
Just click on this YouTube video.



My friend Holly (who has a special

affinity with all things Christmas)

once gave me a picture

of Mary at the crib of Jesus—

She said the image of Mary

reminded her of one of my daughters


I framed the picture

and hung it on the wall

not because of any resemblance

to my daughter, but

because I was moved

by the striking look of anguish

upon Mary’s lovely face


This had to have been the day

Mary and Joseph went to the temple

to dedicate Jesus, the day

they offered two turtledoves

as a sacrifice for their firstborn son


Simeon was present when they came in

and knew immediately

by the power of the Holy Spirit

that this Child was

God’s promised Savior


He told Mary—

A sword will pierce your soul!


This silent night in Bethlehem

as Jesus lay sleeping

Mary lifts his tiny hand

to her trembling lips

She wonders about God’s marvelous plan

wonders how a Savior saves


and as she wonders, she feels

the point of an unseen sword

pressing against her flesh—


What did that wise old man mean?


There’s so much I do not know—

So much I do not want to know



Maude Carolan Pych

"Behold the Lamb...poetically!"
by Maude Carolan Pych
is available online at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, CBD, etc.

Friday, December 22, 2023

Another Double Feature Day

 A-Poem-a-Day Until Christmas

Image credit:



When Mary traveled with Joseph

from Nazareth to Bethlehem

over ruts and rocks and hills

on the back of a donkey

during her final month of pregnancy

it was an arduous journey—

There was nothing cute about it!


And when her labor pains began

and she was far from home

far from the midwife she trusted

and the birthing room turned out to be

the hay strewn floor of a dirty stable

there was nothing cute about it!


and when following the birth of Jesus

Joseph had a dream

and determined they had to flee to Egypt

to escape Herod’s twisted plan

so they quickly tossed a few necessities

in a saddle-bag and the three of them set off

for a place of safety—

there was nothing cute about it, at all!


But, when I open my pretty Christmas cards

and see the holy family journeying

with Mary, draped in a lovely blue gown

and Joseph strolling alongside her

staff-in-hand, as their donkey

plods along agreeably

it all looks pleasant and serene


and when I gaze at manger scenes

(including my own)

arranged tidily on polished table tops

the scene is as perfectly charming

as the Christmas tableau

at Radio City Music Hall


We’ve embellished and recreated the event

to make it sweet and lovely and picture-perfect

but in reality, it was utterly profound--

a most striking and pivotal moment in time

Jesus was born to be Our Savior


Maude Carolan Pych



His splintered hands sand silky smooth

every ding and bump and groove;


then Joseph measures every piece—

hammers nailheads with expertise.


He's built fine cradles, but this one

is extra-special. It's for God’s Son.


He moves Babe Jesus from the trough

to the cradle; He's swaddled, soft.


The manger scene, quaint and lowly

now more befits One Who's holy.


Joseph, years hence will reap a thrill—

he'll teach the boy carpentry skills.



Shoved on crossbeams, Jesus' body.

Crude wood. Workmanship is shoddy.


Men grab His wrists. They pound the nails.

They watch Him wince; His color pales.


They lift the Cross; taunt till He dies.

The air is pierced by women's cries.


The sky grows dark. The dry earth quakes.

O hear the hissing of the Snake…




Holy of Holies veil is torn—

Sin is atoned! Salvation born!


God’s Master Plan, now understood—

began and ends with nails and wood.


Maude Carolan

Thursday, December 21, 2023


 A-Poem-a-Day Until Christmas

Mary and Jesus

Image credit:



She was a real maiden

gracious and virtuous

so she trembled

as any girl might

at an angel’s visit

But she had real faith

in a real God

and she said, “Yes.”


She was a real woman

not blue-gowned in plaster

A poor carpenter’s wife

not an artist’s rendering

gilded and haloed

She bulged big with child

as she rode astride an ass

and during her real travail

brought forth a baby

in a Bethlehem stable


She was a real mother

He was a real son

She nursed him

changed him

bathed and cradled him

as any mother would

She smiled at his first word

saw him take his first step

and when he fell

and scraped his tender knees

she washed away blood

not yet deemed Precious

and soothed him

with soft lullabies


When he was twelve

and they discovered

he was missing

as they traveled home

after the Passover

she was anxious

as any mother would be

and heaved a great sigh

when they found him, safe

in the temple courts


Yes, she was a real mom

and he was a real son

so, it’s not surprising

it was she

who sensed his power

she who encouraged him to act

at the wedding feast

when wine stopped flowing

for she knew

she just knew…


and she was real

at the Crossbeams

Simeon had told her

long, long ago

a sword would pierce her

Though hers be bloodless

it penetrated sharp

and deep, as truly

as the gaping wounds

she now was powerless

to soothe


He looked down

from His agony

into hers—

gave her to mother

his friend

gave his friend

to be her son


It was always about love


She was a real mom

He is the real Savior


Maude Carolan

Wednesday, December 20, 2023

"At Holly's House"

A-Poem-a-Day Until Christmas 

The following poem is in loving memory

of our very dear friend, Frank Fritzky,

who went to be with the Lord on April 22nd.

It was written last December

when Frank was receiving hospice care at home.

Photo by Holly Fritzky  


For Frank & Holly Fritzky


It’s always Christmas

at Holly’s house

Doesn’t matter what season it is

there are sure to be reminders

of that most special time of year—

Bells and angels, mangers and Santas

and boughs of holly, of course


I’m reminded of when I was a child

and my parents brought us

to North Pole, New York

in the Adirondack Mountains

during August of 1953


We watched elves making toys

and took turns sitting on Santa’s lap

We didn’t need snow

for it to be Christmas

It was a sunny, summery

Christmas day in August!


While I visited Holly yesterday

to celebrate her yuletide birthday

she received a delivery of a 12-foot pine

that’ll be set up in their spacious living room

with its high cathedral ceiling


Oh! Like I said—

there’s always plenty of

Christmas going on

at my friend Holly’s house


even this year—

with her husband, Frank

nestled in a hospital bed

surrounded by plump pillows

receiving in-home hospice care


There’s a tiny gaily decorated tree in view

and Frank’s wearing a holiday tee shirt


Holly sings to him, prays for him

and feeds him little morsels

of food and sips of juice

with patience and love that’s

been flowing over fifty years


Their children come at various times

each day to help

Tomorrow they’ll set up the tree

and decorate it magnificently

as they always do


This Christmas the joy may be tempered

but there’ll be joy nonetheless

because the miracle

of the Birth of Jesus

overflows in their hearts


which is why

it’s always Christmas

at Holly’s house


Maude Carolan Pych

"Behold the Lamb...poetically!"

by Maude Carolan Pych

is available online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, CBD, etc.



Tuesday, December 19, 2023

"A Bethlehem Memory"

 A-Poem-a-Day Until Christmas

The following is the first of many Christmas poems I've written

and shared with family and friends for over thirty years...

A threshing floor in Bethlehem

Photo credit:


Israel Pilgrimage II, May 1987


O little town of Bethlehem

how still we see thee lie

from the wheat field of Boaz

this pleasant mid-spring night


A zealous band of pilgrims

tracing footsteps of the Lord –

with hearts ablaze to praise

One so worthy to be adored


We huddle at the circular

stone threshing floor for wheat

with eyes fixed on the little town

so Christmas tableau sweet


We look around for shepherds

as the sun is going down

while to the strumming of guitar

we lift the joyful sound


of our voices unto Heaven

to give our gift of song…

Every carol that we know

is offered by the throng


The evening is so glorious

we do not want to leave –

Our dinners may be getting cold

but here our spirits cleave


The darkness slowly deepens

as dim starlights appear…

twilight glows with hymn-song

while in reverie we veer


back to the old, old stories

of the night of Holy Birth

Each of us is enthralled by

this blessed bit of earth


In the distance, the townsfolk

begin to light their lights

for the routine of living

in this simply awesome site


We wonder, do they ever kneel

to kiss the hallowed ground

where they spend their everydays?

Do the amber fields resound


with ecstatic jubilation?

Do stars shoot sparks of praise

for the glorious Gift given

that precious day of days?


O little town of Bethlehem…

this night we’ll always treasure

Echoes of carols, memories

will remain forever


Pure joy overflows our hearts

for Bethlehem’s Babe, Our Lord

was born here to save sinners…

Jesus, Savior of the World!


Maude Carolan