Sunday, July 31, 2016

Maude Reading 4 Poems

Maude Reading "Sky Dancers"
and Other Poems

Maude Carolan Pych


There's something happy about butterflies.
They flit-flitter as they flutter by,
flying flowers against the azure sky.

They alight upon the milkweed, and then
they circle, soar and alight again,
toe-dancing on pink petals in the glen.

Ever dwelling in hue and sweet fragrance,
in garden splendor they flicker as they dance.
Pollination is purely happen-stance.

I delight in their overflow of joy.
(They wouldn't even know how to be coy.)
A flame of mirth! A whirligig! A toy!

Do they recall they once were grubby worms,
remember well their dark and squiggly squirms?
Reborn, now grace and beauty each affirms!

This almost seems to be sheer fantasy,
sky dancers as enchanting as can be,
springing from blossoms right in front of me!

So, merrily a-nectaring they go,
reaping and sowing sweetness in day-glow…
Seems they have learned what all of us should know.

In contemplation of their simple ways,
I wish to add their ballet to my days,
to sky dance Heavenward on wings of praise!

Maude Carolan Pych

The three other poems included in the video are:
Symphony of the Woods
Women Weep
Hallelujah Hands

Sunday, July 24, 2016

There's Power in Prayer

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Someone told me you’ve been ailing,
that the medication’s failing
to bring the healing that you seek.
You are scared and you’ve been crying,
you’re afraid that you are dying
and the faith you have is so weak.
I can tell you I sympathize,
even attempt to be quite wise,
cajole you and go on my way,
but the question of the hour
is will I turn my heel and cower
or will I love enough to pray?

A young man has just been sharing
that his wife is overbearing
and he can’t take it anymore.
He said he met a gal somewhere
and they are having an affair,
tossing his vows right out the door!
I may advise him to be strong,
say infidelity is wrong,
bring in a counselor today;
but the question that I ponder
is will I just weep and wonder,
or will I love enough to pray?

A close friend has been criticized
by a neighbor she despises.
Getting even is what she yearns.
She says she hates her in heart,
of forgiveness she’ll have no part.
Oh, how her words of anger burn!
I can attempt to intervene,
may even be the go-between,
tell them there is a better way.
I might speak of sin and leaven,
bellow, "Seventy times seven!"
but will I love enough to pray?

When a situation’s stormy,
I can seek Thee or ignore Thee,
use worldly wisdom come what may...
Though advice may have some merit,
I must look up, not to blur it;
mindful, there is a higher way.
Some will look at me quite oddly,
still, I must try something Godly…
I'll do it…love enough to pray!

Maude Carolan

Sunday, July 17, 2016

"He Keeps the Joy Going"


Six stone jars
stood tall like soldiers
for ceremonial cleansing
of the outer man.

It was the third day
of wedding jubilation
at Cana in the Galilee,
and the last drop
of the wine of joy
had been poured.

Guests would soon
have begun wandering off
with parched tongues
and clipped gladness,
had not Miriam perceived
that her Son could save the day,
could keep the grape flowing,
could keep the joy going.

He told the servants
to fill the vessels
with water
and draw a cupful
for the master of the banquet.

Upon sampling,
the delighted master
proclaimed to the bridegroom,
“The choicest wine
has been saved until last!”
They clinked their goblets.
Celebration resumed.

He who came
to heal the sick,
raise the dead,
set the captives free,
gave New purpose
to stone jars of the Old,
a mere foretaste
of a Covenant
with gladness.

Maude Carolan

[1] This is a quotation by Jonathan Cahn, pastor of Beth Israel Messianic Center, then located in Garfield, NJ, during his message about the wedding at Cana, from the Gospel of John, chapter two. Beth Israel is now located in Wayne, NJ.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Praying at the Western Wall in Jerusalem

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Israel Pilgrimage—2006

We fold bits of paper
on which are written
our secrets before God
our yearnings
the deepest desires
of our hearts
and tuck them
in crevices of the stones
of the Western Wall

We lay hands
upon the cool stones
and pray earnestly
where others have prayed
their prayers
over the years

The woman next to me
is sobbing, clenching
a slip of paper
in her hand

clearly demonstrating
why some call this
the Wailing Wall

The wind blows
some of the papers
out of the crevices
They sail through the air
and skitter and scatter
along the ground

I ask Etay, our guide
what becomes of them—

He says they are swept up
and placed into bags

then they are buried

…with respect

Maude Carolan Pych

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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Statue of Liberty Renovation, 1984

I'd like you to meet my Uncle Fred...

Frederick L. Harris, master crane operator


Each of us has a moment of fame to shine as the star of the show;
a time to behold our very name setting the marquee lights aglow!
It is likely the day fore or aft is spent with the mainstream, obscure,
but for one golden instant we waft in glory no man can ignore!
 It was like that when our dear Uncle Fred (a rank and file kind of guy)
who worked hard for butter and bread, at once was thrust in the public eye.
He operated a long-necked crane (master of operation, he was)
the day of his notable reign, when folks around bestowed a great fuss.
The old torch he deftly brought down, Nineteen Eighty Four, Fourth of July,
from Miss Liberty, donned in her gown, as the nation stood looking by.
The Lady needed restoration, a new torch to lift in her hand.
It evoked a huge celebration, including a full-dress brass band!
Papers carried Uncle Fred's photo, he was on the News on TV…
Suddenly a star of the nation! The pride of our whole family!!!
Aunt Carol was phoned by reporters, seeking facts about her lime-lit spouse.
Said she resented his orders to work on the Fourth, which kept her in-house!
Said she'd rather gone on a picnic or watched the neighborhood parade
or seen the current pick-flick, unaware history was being made
by her modest, hard-working spouse. Of course, when at last she understood,
and realized that this honor was great, she burst pride-buttons as one would.
Our family still gets to snicker about our aunt when Uncle Fred ran the crane
and each year as fireworks flicker, we salute his great day of fame!

Maude Carolan

Happy 4th of July, 2016!