Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sometimes "Ordinary Rocks" aren't ordinary at all...


We see every kind

everywhere every day,

ordinary rocks...

pebbles, stones, boulders,

fossil, shale, gravel,

gray, brown, black,

russet, rose, ecru,

speckled, smooth,

flat, jagged, oval,

dull, dirty,



so ordinary

we hardly notice them at all

unless we stumble over one

in the path along our way.


God could’ve made all rocks


but instead

He astounds us

with fiery magnificence.

Inside of some

He put emeralds,

amethysts, opals,


star sapphires,

blood red rubies.


He dazzles us

with extraordinary treasures

inside ordinary earthy rocks,

like the Unsurpassable Treasure

He longs to put

within our ordinary earthy selves.


Maude Carolan

Many years ago I saw an exhibit of gemstones at The Museum of Natural History in New York City. I was astonished by the incredible beauty hidden inside ordinary looking rocks, until the rocks were cut open and the bedazzling precious gems revealed. I wondered how many of these gems will never be discovered and will remain hidden from our eyes, for the pleasure of God alone.

The above poem was one of a series included in a small chapbook entitled, "God Could've", now out-of-print.

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