Sunday, April 28, 2013

Worship Him With Dance...


In memory of Frank Schiavo, Jr.


In a circle

in the corner

of the sanctuary

the dancers

lifted arms and faces,

bowed reverently, rose,

offering gifts of praise to God.

Tintinnabulating timbrels

and tambourines,

their satin ribbons streaming,

swirled with shirts and skirts,

a kaleidoscopic rainbow.

Ineffable ecstasy

shone in countenances,

sparkled in dark, dancing eyes.


Parked at a row end

in the congregation,

Frankie sat

strapped securely

in his wheelchair,


his spirit whirling

in the dance.

Joy softened his face

into enthralled expressions

as praise

flowed fluently

from upturned lips.



perceiving the desire

written in his radiance,

a young man whisked

his wheelchair

into the dance.

Circling, circling,

spinning, spinning,

wheeling worshipfully,

spiritually spiraling

upward, Heavenward,

an Elijah in a chariot

driven by horses,

their manes ablaze,

Frankie danced

his holy dance

before the Ever-Living God.


Maude Carolan

This poem is in memory of Frank Schiavo Jr., a member of Beth Israel Messianic Worship Center, who went to be with the Lord several years ago. He worshipped the Lord with all his might even though he was confined to a wheelchair. Frankie loved this poem. A framed copy hung on the wall above his bed.

This poem was originally published in Sensations Magazine.

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  1. Maude,
    This is beautiful. As a mom of a dancer, I welled up reading it. I shared it with my daughter who is currently teaching dance ministry at Hillsong in Australia.
    See you Sat.,