Sunday, September 22, 2013

Succot at Beth Israel Messianic Center

 The Feast of Tabernacles at Beth Israel Messianic Center, Wayne, NJ
Rabbi Jonathan with the lulav & water pouring ceremony
Photos by Maude

Israel Pilgrimage—2006

Israir Terminal JFK, October, 2006

I wait to board—
full of anticipation
carry-on at my knee
guide-book in hand
heart already
in the land to which
we’re bound
pilgrim feet, still
hours away from stepping, at last
into the Land of the Book

Announcements emanate
from the sound system
in Hebrew

arrivals, departures
boarding information
do not leave bags

Aaron David Horowitz
there is a call for you
at the ticket counter

or maybe
Flight #743
is delayed
due to inclement weather

I do not know
        the language         

All my pilgrim ears hear
is something ancient
and deep

the holy sound of prayer

Maude Carolan Pych

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Jonathan Cahn, pastor/rabbi of Beth Israel and author of the NY Times Best-seller, The Harbinger, will be leading a pilgrimage to the Holy Land in November. To prepare hearts for this amazing journey I will be posting poems from my series on pilgrimage.

If you would like to read more poems from my three life-changing pilgrimages, scroll to the bottom of this website for information about ordering my chapbook, A Pilgrim's Quest.


  1. Maude, I enjoy your poetry so much! I love to hear you describe our beautiful Lord and Savior and all these journeys, both physical and personal in your life. Please don't ever stop posting!!

  2. Keep posting your beautiful poetry, Maude. I love to experience your travels with you, both physically and personally!! Thank you and be blessed!

  3. I think I published about 5 comments, sorry, that is how much I love you, Maude!!

  4. God bless you, Laura. Thanks for your comments. I love writing poems that give glory to our precious Savior.