Sunday, February 16, 2014



I imagine
the dance we dance
through Heaven’s gate
will not be a waltz or fox-trot,
will not be a jitterbug or Charleston,
Macarena, Mashed Potatoes,
Twist, Tango or Watusi,
will not be the Stroll,
Funky Chicken, Electric Slide,
tap, jig, jazz or Cha-cha-cha.
It will not, of course,
be the sensual dance of Salome
with veils and evil purposes
nor will it be as
a performance by Isadora,
Pavlova, Nureyev or Flatley.

I imagine
Heavendance will be
like the Dance of David
of the Circumcised Heart,
dance of the Golden Ark
of the Most Precious Presence.
There’ll be leaping,
twirls unrestrained,
saints swathed
in rainbow radiance,
timbrels, trumpets
and shouts...
forever and everdance
with the greatest
joyleaps springing
from the Father,

Maude Carolan

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