Sunday, April 6, 2014

Brand New: "A Poem for Lent"


I scan Google Images
looking for a depiction of the Crucifixion
to illustrate a Lenten poem on my blog
I’m unable to look squarely at the pictures—
Many are so heart-wrenching, so gruesome
I have to turn away

I think of the four Gospels
providing matter-of-fact statements
to tell us Jesus was crucified
sparing us details
of His suffering

Oh, I’m well aware
it is 2000 years later
and no holds are barred
when it comes to portrayals of violence
I go to the movies
I watch TV

I’ve squirmed through
The Passion of the Christ
with my heart beating fast
and eyes tightly closed
during the bloodiest sequences
I’ve read A Doctor at Calvary[1]
in which each and every stain
on the Shroud of Turin
is elaborated upon
in minute medical detail

I do not need
more graphic words and pictures
My mind’s eye sees
His thorn-crowned Head
His nail-pierced hands
My mind’s ear hears

Father, forgive them…
          …why hast Thou forsaken Me?
It is finished.

At last, I click on an image—
a crossbeam, a circle of thorns
and three nails

I post it to the blog
insert my poem

and shudder
a most grateful shudder
that Jesus, my beloved Savior
endured that terrible Cross
for me

Maude Carolan Pych

This is a brand new poem. I hope you find it to be a piece that inspires personal meditation on Jesus’ sacrifice for our sins. I’d love to hear your thoughts about it. Comments are always welcome.

[1] A Doctor at Calvary by Pierre Barbet, M.D., published by Image Books, a division of Doubleday & Co., Inc., Garden City, NY


  1. Touching poem. I love your comment, "His thorn-crowned Head
    His nail-pierced hands, My mind’s ear hears". We tend to shy away from the horrific details of the crucifixion, and focus only on what we want to hear. Thanks for reminding me of the true picture that came before His miraculous resurrection. You said this so beautifully.

  2. Thanks for commenting, Elaine. Since childhood, whenever I'd think about the Crucifixion I would tremble at what the sin of the world cost Our Savior and feel great awe at all His Resurrection means for us. Truly, God is Great! Alleluia! Have a blessed Resurrection Day.