Sunday, September 7, 2014

Oh! How We Prayed After the Towers Fell

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Written in the wake of the September 11, 2001, Attack on America

We’ve been told God doesn’t belong in our schools
He doesn’t belong in public buildings
not in the town square, not at baseball games
We may not pray to Him in our classrooms
His Name has been shushed from graduations
Our witness at work has been silenced
Crèches and menorahs have been removed from government properties
and replaced with roly-poly Santas, tinseled trees and dreidels
Christmas and Hanukkah have been neutered
with wishes of “season’s greetings,” “happy holidays”
We’ve been closeted by the separation of church and state
in this free country founded as a safe haven for religious freedom

but when those 767s flew into those magnificent towers, September 11th
when those great towers imploded, when thousands died tragically
and shockwaves of grief and terror riveted our planet
suddenly our churches filled
God’s name arose boldly on banners all across the land
It was posted, plastered, scrawled and spoken
prayed to by the President, our leaders, newsmen
It appeared on school message boards
bumper stickers, lapel pins, buttons
It was superimposed upon flag decals glued to our windowpanes
It was emblazoned upon our chests on patriotic T-shirts
and it appeared over and over and over on subway prayer walls
along with Scotch taped photos of those who were missing
Thousands proclaimed it loud and clear
at candlelight vigils and a prayer service at Yankee Stadium
and we all sang it with tears
“God Bless America,” our truer anthem

If we’ve been complacent; if we’ve swept Him aside
packed Him away in attic trunks
with things we thought we wouldn’t need anymore
He’s waiting with arms outstretched
love streaming from His eyes
and we need Him to heal our shattered hearts

Oh, let’s keep the “God Bless” in our “America”
and Americans, let us “Bless God”
O let us never let go of Him again

Maude Carolan

The above poem was written a month after the towers fell. People were still praying, still flocking to houses of worship. As time passed, the fervor waned and some returned to old habits and looked to God less. What about you? God loves you as much as ever and is waiting for your return...with His loving arms...outstretched.


  1. Beautiful Maude! Perfectly stated..........and the truth! So sad what the "leaders" of this country have done.......... as the silent majority continues to sit around and do NOTHING to change it.

  2. Please pray that eyes will be opened, hearts will be changed and that people will be moved to return to God. This country needs a true revival of faith. God is love. Unconditional love. He loves you. He loves me. He loves us all and He's waiting and worthy to receive our love.