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It's all about...the Lamb--Vol. 17, Issue 4

December 15, 2014
Vol. 17, Issue 4

It’s all about…The Lamb

Maude Carolan Pych/Quarterly Poetry Letter

Worthy is the Lamb that was slain to receive power and riches
and wisdom and might and honor and glory and blessing.” Rev 5:12 NASB

It’s all about…The Lamb is a quarterly publication for lovers of the Holy Lamb of God, who also enjoy poetry. The purpose is to magnify our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and inspire an ever-deepening relationship with Him, the lover of our souls.


VICTORIA WARNE—Featured Musician

Friday, December 19th, 7 p.m.
The ANT Bookstore
345 Clifton Avenue, Clifton, NJ

Press release:

On Friday, December 19th at 7 p.m., the ANT Bookstore and Café at 345 Clifton Ave., Clifton, NJ, celebrates the festive holiday time with a special poetry and music event. This month’s featured poet is local Totowa resident Maude Carolan Pych, who together with musician Victoria Warne will transform the ANT.  An open mic follows. Free admission. Info: 973-777-2704.

Clifton coordinators – poet James Gwyn and musician Victoria Warne – are always looking for anyone interested in participating. Contact them at the event or at

Maude Carolan Pych is a former newspaper reporter who now writes inspirational poetry and poems to record family history. She’s a four-time finalist and twice recipient of Editor's Choice Awards in the Allen Ginsberg contest, and she has won awards for poetry at St. Catherine of Bologna Art Exhibition, Ringwood. Her poems have appeared in The Paterson Literary Review, Sensations Magazine, Lips, The Pillar Monthly, and William W. Francis' book, "Celebrate the Feasts of the Lord." She regularly posts to her blog: Current chapbooks include God’s Square Mile—Poems about Ocean Grove; A Pilgrim's Quest—A Poet Visits the Holy Land; From My Heart to Yours at Christmas—Cookies & Poems; and The Widow's Song. Maude belongs to the North Jersey Christian Writers Group.  A mother and grandmother, she and her husband, Robert, reside in Totowa. They attend Beth Israel Messianic Center, Wayne, where Maude serves as a deaconess.

Victoria Warne is a singer/songwriter and leader of the Victoria Warne Band. She has played in many local venues and has toured internationally and recorded two CDs that blend blues, rock, and jazz elements. Her many past collaborators have ranged from Spyro Gyra’s Julio Fernandez to jazz great Billy Eckstine. Joining Victoria on December 17th will be guitarist Cathy Vita of Totowa. Victoria has made Clifton her home since 2004. 

Come, join us…

Admission is free
Refreshments will be served
Open mic follows


This season I wrote and mailed out two Christmas poems to family and friends because I couldn’t decide which one to send. Both poems rhyme. The first one was written during the Christmas season last winter while Christmas cookies were looking so delectable and tempting on the pretty holiday platter. Poem #2 was inspired and penned recently after a radio commercial mentioned the “Season of Lights” and started me thinking about Hanukkah and Christmas, the Light of the World and the candles on the menorah.

+ + + THE POEMS FOLLOW + + +


So many Christmas traditions abound—
Old ones get lost and then new ones are found.
Some get omitted, but there are a few
things we love doing and simply must do.

For instance, I write a poem every year—
a real Christmas poem that draws Jesus near;
a poem that lauds Him, Star of the Season,
for He’s this holiday’s only true reason.

The poem’s perfect paper, I search far to find,
arrange words artistically as I’ve in mind,
select address labels with the same theme,
choose envelopes, stamps that go with the scheme.

The pen and the ink are chosen with care.
To use best penmanship, I have a flair!
I write out hundreds with joy and much zest
and sometimes include a few words to bless.

Bob applies the stamps and labels and seals;
a trip to the post office completes the deal.
When they’re mailed, I start thinking cookies—
Trust me, with baking, I am no rookie!

We select recipes; gather the tins,
make sure there’s flour and sugar in bins,
stock up on butter and chocolate and nuts,
molasses and spices and trims lots and lots!

I block off a few days in my datebook,
roll up my sleeves; open up the cookbook.
Chocolate chippers, and shortbread soooo buttery,
sweet sugar cookies, anise biscotti,

spicy pfeffernuesse and wee pecan jewels,
drop cookies, rolled cookies, some cut with tools.
Bob stirs the batters; they’re thick as can be
and he’s the chief taster, take it from me!

Each cookie and poem is fashioned with love—
LOVE is what Christmastime is made up of.
God’s gift of LOVE came with the Savior’s birth
and there’s no other gift of greater worth!

These simple gifts…some cookies, a poem,
for Christmas, to you, from our humble home.

Maude Carolan Pych


It’s the Season of Lights…We delight in the glow
of Christmas and Hanukkah; the stories we know
of God’s awesome miracles, deliverance and Birth
to show His great Love for all people on Earth.

Alongside our manger there stands a menorah;
we sing Joy to the World and then dance the Hora,
ignite the nine lamps and hang a wreath on the door,
tell of brave Maccabees, the virgin birth and more.

We worship with believers, Gentiles and Jews,
we recite the Shema and share the Good News,
read Old Covenant prophesies from A to Z
like the Gospel revealed in Isaiah Fifty-three!

Our Messiah is Jesus; Yeshua, some say—
He’s the Light of the World; our great hope for today!
We praise Him, adore Him, we’re blessed to impart:
His fire burns brightly in our circumcised hearts!

We believe He was born to save us from sin,
that He died and was buried then rose up again.
By Blood He has saved us, our Atonement, He Is!
By His Resurrection, we’ll live for He Lives!

We are Olive Tree branches, Gentile and Jew—
united in Messiah…and all Born Anew!

Maude Carolan Pych

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Look for the next edition of It’s all about…the Lamb, March 15, 2015


Dear Reader/Subscriber,
Since Christmas is just a few days away…

Take a few minutes to do something Christmassy for yourself: Sing your favorite Christmas carol and meditate upon the lyrics or linger at the crèche or read Luke, Chapter 2 while sipping a cup of peppermint tea. Whatever you do, let it be a sweet time of blessing with the Lord.

Happy Hanukkah to all who are Jewish!

And to all…May 2015 be your best year yet!

And always remember…
God loves ewe!


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P.O. Box 2211, Woodland Park, NJ 07424

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