Monday, February 16, 2015

Happy 40th Anniversary, Carol & Rick!

My sister Carolyn married Richard Mingeram in the little stone chapel at Shepherd's Lake in Ringwood, NJ, forty years ago today. Their reception was held in my home, then in Cupsaw Lake, Ringwood. It was a wonderful day and they've enjoyed a wonderful life. Congratulations, Carol & Rick...I love you...God bless you & may He grant you many more years of happiness.

Today's poem lauds their Ruby Anniversary & Valentine's Day as well...

Genesis 2:18; Ecclesiastes 4:9-12

Alone is not good, is what we read
in Scripture. A helpmeet fills the need.

A hard task for one’s easy for two;
two can’t be lonely; have nothing to do.

The Bible says two’s better than one.
It’s certainly true, two have more fun!

A buddy’s nice inside a shelter;
an asset when one needs a helper.

Two’s better than one in a wintry bed;
those icy percales, they hold no dread.

Now listen to this; this is the key…
God says even better than two…is three!

Not easily severed, a three-strand cord;
I’m one, you’re two, the third is Our Lord.

Three’s better than two in time of prayer;
when you and I pray, God is right there!

Three’s better than two through joy or pain;
God’s with us in sunshine, with us in rain.

We are entwined…you, me and Our Lord,
tightly united in His Good Word.

Two’s better than one, but three is best!
Three makes matrimony…Heaven-blessed!

Maude Carolan

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