Saturday, April 11, 2015

In Memory of Phillip McCoppin

Our very dear friend, Phillip Ace McCoppin, went to be with the Lord on Wednesday, April 8th. Bob & I spent many wonderful times in the company of Phil and his beloved wife, Susan. We will miss him greatly and wish to extend our deepest condolences to his family, especially Susan and their children Aaron & Ashley. Our mind's eye can see our friend safe in the loving arms of Jesus, enjoying the very beginning of eternal life in Glory.

The following poem is one in a series written following the passing of my previous husband, Leo F. Carolan. It appears in my chapbook, "The Widow's Song".

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Leo, so often
I wonder about you
in the wonderment of Heaven
your dwelling place
where you no longer see
through a glass darkly, as I do
I, who remain upon the earth

Everything is clear to you now
No mysteries, no questions
…only astonishing

Revelations   b  e  y  o  n  d
my imagination

Trusting you to God
is accepting
unanswered questions
I accept, O God
still…I wonder
and ponder
squint and peer
through a shadowy pane, curious
about Your secret splendors

I yearn to spray blue Windex
yearn to scrub away the film
yearn to gaze
through a glass clearly
into the sparkly Heavens
to see you, Leo, glorious
and free

but, I'll wait, O God
I'll trust You
I'll accept
unanswered questions
till I, too
dwell glorious
in Heaven

Maude Carolan

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