Sunday, June 21, 2015

God Bless All The Great Dads

Happy Father's Day to all the outstanding fathers in our family...they are all loving, "hands-on" dads, good providers, training up their children in the way they should go. I'm so proud of them...God bless them all!

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The poem I've selected for Father's Day is one written in memory my father, Frank H. Walsh. It is a rather humorous rhyme written about something I tried to do to please him after he retired and moved to Florida, where he couldn't find any Limburger cheese...


I’ll tell you a story that’s funny and true;
I promise I’m not pulling wool over you!
It's a story about really wanting to please...
about sending my father…limburger cheese.

Remembering back when I was a child,
coaxing Dad to eat a cheese that was mild
because his selection smelled like dirty feet!
We hated his favorite TV snacking treat.

It was not genteel; no lifting of pinky—
limburger’s both anti-social and stinky!!!
We wrinkled our noses, grimaced and fumbled…
As he smacked his lips, we mumbled and grumbled!

Then Daddy retired to Florida’s sun…
land of beaches and palms and warm weather fun,
but something was missing, he told us, to tease…
he just couldn’t find any limburger cheese!

So, I secretly sent him cheese in the mail…
Of course, I was careful to package it well.
As he drove from the post office…What smelled bad?
What on earth did his daughter send her old Dad???

A fragrance wafted in the tropical breeze…
the pungent aroma of limburger cheese!!!
At home he unwrapped his stinky boxed gift…
the cheese had EXPLODED! Phew! What a whiff!

I went to the cheese shop in my neighborhood
and asked them to send some, sealed up well and good.
They wrapped it expertly, so snug and secure…
Dad smelled it walking in the post office door!!!

Back to the shop I went with my sad story—
They said they’d try again. They were so sorry.
So, they triple wrapped it the best that they could…
This time when Dad opened it…Lo! It was good!!!

I picture Dad sitting, incredibly pleased—
with fruit and some Ritz and his limburger cheese!

Maude Carolan Pych


  1. I'm catching up on unread email - your poem delighted me! I couldn't help but smile. My grandfather loved Leyden cheese, not quite as smelly as limburger, but definitely fragrant!

  2. I'm not familiar with Leyden cheese, Barbara, but I'll never forget how we used to tease my father about the limburger and about my determination that he should still get to enjoy his favorite cheese in Florida. Perseverance paid off!