Sunday, September 27, 2015

A Pilgrimage Memory...

The following poem is a reflection written following a visit to Korazin in Israel, during a 1986 Holy Land Pilgrimage lead by Wayne Monbleau, host of the "Let's Talk About Jesus" radio program...

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Israel Pilgrimage—1986

We’re at Korazin, trying
to make ourselves comfortable
amid the ancient ruins
of the cursed city

I look for a patch
of dry grass to sit upon;
others sit on some rocks
Wayne props himself
against an acacia tree

We’re wearing head coverings
to shield us from the sun—
It’s hot!

Beside us are box lunches
and water bottles
that we’ve brought
from the hotel

We open our Bibles
to Luke 10:13

Woe to you Korazin;
woe to you Bethsaida…

Wayne begins teaching—

I think of Jesus—
imagine Him propped
against a tree
like Wayne

imagine myself at His feet—
like Mary of Bethany
like an apostle

imagine us opening
our lunch sacks—
barley loaves; some fish
fresh from the depths
of the Galilee nearby

imagine listening to every word
as the Master pronounces woes
on the unrepentant cities

That was nearly
two millennia ago—
This is 1986
It is Wayne who is explaining
the Scriptures to us
not Jesus

We offer praise to God
and sing hallels from the Psalms
A few birds are chirping
The sun-scorched clumps
of grass are lumpy beneath me
I smell the dry earth
and swat at a few pesky gnats
Perspiration beads up on my brow
I wipe it away
It is, I suppose, much the same
as it was way back then

and as it was then for them
I want the Word
to take root inside of me—
be it woes and chastisements
be it beatitudes and blessings—
take root
as it did in Mary
as it did in the apostles

for I, too, am a disciple
of the Lord

Maude Carolan Pych

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