Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Day #11 of A-Poem-a-Day until Christmas

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Matthew 19:14

In a little manger, in a little town,
was born a little boy,
to a little family of little means.
He brought the world great joy!

If the Lord of All could come so small,
with the biggest, highest aim,
then why oh why must we buy and buy
for the day that bears His Name?

We shop, we trim, we bake, we cook,
we visit, we send, we party,
we run up the tally on credit cards,
the bills we pay are tardy.

While the hustle and bustle can be great fun,
sometimes it steals our peace,
sometimes the true Christmas spirit gets lost
when our busyness won’t cease.

From the little manger, the little town,
the crib of the little boy,
comes a little Christmas thought to muse,
which may heighten Christmas joy…

Let us celebrate with littleness,
become as the little Child,
with simplicity, wonder, innocence,
pure Love that’s undefiled…

and the Savior, Our Lord, who was that Child,
shall smile at us, well pleased,
“For the kingdom,” He said, “of Heaven belongs
to people such as these!”

Maude Carolan

This is one of my earliest poems. It was inspired by a Christmas message delivered by Pastor/Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, several years ago, at a service at Beth Israel Worship Center in northern New Jersey. It is among my personal favorites.

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