Sunday, January 17, 2016

There's Power in God's Word

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THy WORDand my words

It seems quite strange that I, so small
write words about the Lord of All
Who is the Sovereign One, the Word.
Perhaps it even seems absurd

mere words aspire to give praise
to God, Who’s appointed all my days;
by Whose Word came the earth and sky,
trees and flowers and birds that fly.

He said, “Seas” and the oceans filled;
He spoke mountains, valleys, hills.
He spoke existence to the nations;
by His Word came our salvation.

The Word once spoke me into being—
gave flesh and breath, eyes for seeing.
My next breath He can give or take—
I’m here to serve Him for His sake.

My simple words and simple poems
flow with love for all I owe Him,
since re-birth when my heart was stirred
by the Holy One Made Flesh, the Word.

God’s Word is Power; my words weak;
creation happens when He speaks.
My words just thank and pray and praise
to laud the Author of my days—

to laud the Author of my days.

Maude Carolan Pych

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