Sunday, September 18, 2016

Bumper Stickers Matter...

The following poem tells a true story
from many years ago:


I’m heading home, the hour is late;
behind the wheel in a drowsy state.
Open the window; turn volume high;
nibble some chocolate…I’m soooo, soooo tired!

Slap at my cheeks to stay awake.
I mustn’t doze off, for Heaven’s sake!
Along with music, I sing and yawn…
eyelids are droopy; the road is long.

All efforts futile. My eyelids close.
My car veers leftward as I doze.
The swerve gives a jolt! My sedan snakes!
Nearly collide!!! Now I’m wide awake!

Continue with care. Lights flash, rear-view;
I pull right over…Only thing to do.
The officer carries a long flashlight;
shines it on my license plate, so bright!

It also shines, without a flicker…
on my Jesus is Wonderful! bumper sticker!
He didn’t sniff or ask if I’d had booze;
seemed to know this gal just took a snooze.

“You swerved back there,” the policeman said,
“You nearly hit me!” I gasped with dread!
Then, with a smile and tender tone
he asked me if I were headed home.

“Are you now alright to go your way?”
Whew! Jesus is Wonderful! saved the day!
Tip o’ hat. No ticket or breathalyzer…
Jesus, I promise, I’ll drive wiser.

Driving sleepy is foolish; I’m ashamed.
I deserved the ticket; deserve the blame.
People could’ve been killed at that swerve.
God’s grace is getting what we don’t deserve!

Maude Carolan Pych

Whew!!! Thank You, Jesus!


  1. Both entertaining & convicting! Thanks, Maude!

  2. Thanks, Barbara. Posting it feels like, "True Confessions," but I praise God for His loving grace towards me.