Sunday, November 6, 2016

Prayerfully, Vote...

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My twelve-year-old grandson and his three friends
are interested in the election, this year
It’s unavoidable. It’s in their faces—
News bytes pop up on their iPad and iPod
on the car radio and TV
They’ve stayed up late and watched the debates
listened to what their parents say across the dinner table
discussed the issues pro and con and are numbed, as we all are
by the unprecedented vulgarity and accusations
that overshadow it all

The four friends went out
as a team on Halloween night—
One disguised as Trump, one as Hillary
one as Bernie (who carried a sign
saying, I Lost!) and one
dressed as an American flag, unfurled

People stopped them. Some laughed
Some snickered, some just shook their heads
Still others asked to photograph them

Their antics flashed me back to the 1960s
when my husband and I were young—
We knocked on all our friend’s front doors
dressed up as Jack and Jackie Kennedy

Well, the 2016 election is just a few days away
and it’s decades from the days of Jack and Jackie
The kids are experiencing, for better or worse
how our democracy works

I wonder if these way-too-young-to-vote
will be like so many of us duly registered voters
preparing go into the booths to do our civic duty
on Tuesday—

No matter who ends up winning the presidency
just so glad all the political outrageousness
will finally, finally, finally be over!

Maude Carolan Pych

It's been a long and grueling presidential campaign. I'm sure we're all tired and will be glad when it's over. Lord Jesus, my hope is that we will all prayerfully consider the candidates and the issues, and exercise our right and privilege as American citizens, by casting our vote on Tuesday.

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