Friday, December 15, 2017

A Poem About Angels...

Until Christmas

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As Zacharias tends
the temple altar of incense
there’s a sudden swirl
of fragrance and smoke
Lo! A resplendent angel
appears before his very eyes—

It is Gabriel
who stands in the presence of God

The winged one startles the old priest
by proclaiming—

Your wife, Elizabeth, will bear a son…
He will be the forerunner of Messiah

Astonished at the announcement
(for his wife is advanced in years)
Zacharias dares question
God’s messenger
and is duly struck dumb—

and will not utter another word
until the Heavenly proclamation
comes to pass

As grey-haired Elizabeth blossoms
with approaching motherhood
Gabriel alights again
all wings and gleam and glory
in a visit to Mary, a Nazarene maiden
He foretells that she, too, will be with child—
chosen to be the virgin mother
of the Holy Son of God—

Breathless, Mary runs
to Joseph, her betrothed
eager to tell of the angelic visitation
and Gabriel’s marvelous word to her

but it is too much for him to comprehend—
Feeling deceived and disheartened
he considers ending their engagement

until one night, while tossing in sleep
an angel of the Lord appears in a dream
to assure him
Mary is indeed pure and righteous—
miraculously overshadowed
by the Holy Spirit of God

so Joseph marries her
and together they await the coming
of The Savior of the World

and when that wondrous event occurs
a multitude of angels fill the Heavenlies
with most glorious splendors
The Bethlehem night becomes brilliant
startling lowly shepherds
reclining in fields with their flocks

and all the beautiful celestial beings
with wings and robes and gladness
proclaim good news of great joy
for all people:

Glory to God in the Highest—
Jesus, The Messiah, is born!

Maude Carolan Pych

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