Sunday, August 12, 2018

Sunnier Every Day...

Sunflower Row...

My Sunflower Row gets sunnier every day!

Three Poems:


Lion of Judah
God’s Face in a sunflower
His mane is ablaze

Maude Carolan Pych


God shines joy! Big! Bold!
Earth umber haloed in gold.
Sunflower. Full bloom.

Maude Carolan

A beauty from my garden.


Lafayette, New Jersey, September 1, 2001 

We took a late summer drive to Lafayette,
to see if sunflowers were shining yet.
We cruised through the countryside, lush and green
to a great golden field on Route Fifteen.
It was a most glorious sight to see,
for my hubby, Cousin Marie and me.

Leo stayed comfortably in the car;
Marie and I walked to the field, not far,
with sharpened clippers already in hand,
we sought the best sunflowers in the land;
but we did not seek, for Heaven’s sake,
giant bumble bees and slithery snakes
which certainly lurked in the open field.
We just aimed to cut an abundant yield
of glorious flowers with petals gold
oblivious of the perilous toll!

I was dressed for outdoors in summer heat;
suntanned arms, strappy sandals on my feet;
but I couldn’t turn back, I’m not that sort
and Marie was with me, a brave good sport!
Marie stood near in the wild grasses
and helped select from among the masses
of gigantic beauties, stately and high
while watching the earth and watching the sky
for creatures squirming and creatures flying.
I cut, quivering…there’s no denying.
If a creature had brushed against my flesh
I would have suffered cardiac arrest!

No snake bites! No bee stings! We filled the car
with bright flowering suns, quite without par!
At home I arranged them in pretty pots;
photographed and enjoyed them…lots and lots!
But, next year I shall be much more astute…
bug repellant, long sleeves, my highest boots!

Maude Carolan

The above poem was written days before the tragic event that changed all of our lives on 9/11/01. Leo F. Carolan and Cousin Marie Gioia have both gone home to be with Our Lord. This poem is in loving memory of both of them.

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