Sunday, December 23, 2018

Pray for Revival

A-Poem-a-Day Until Christmas

The following is my new poem
for Christmas 2018.

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My Christmas Prayer

I’m standing by the manger, staring at Jesus in the hay
thinking of what my pastor said in his word to us that day.
He spoke of the time we live in and of people losing faith,
of disregard for God’s Holy Word, and a sharp increase in hate.

Many churches are closing or the Gospel gets watered down,
there’s disrespect for spiritual things and God is made a clown.
My pastor said he’s burdened; therefore he’s asking us to pray
for a nationwide revival; hope for all who’ve gone astray.

Dearest Baby Jesus, You were born to save us, this I know,
and by Your death upon the Cross, You conquered the evil foe;
so I pray people repent of sin and give their heart to You,
that they proclaim Your Holy Name, and seek to be Born Anew.

By amazing grace and unfailing love, splendors are in store
and by Your Resurrection there will be life forevermore.
Your desire is that none be lost, therefore I commit to pray
that indeed there’ll be revival and we’ll see it in our day,

that multitudes will flock to You, countless as the grains of sand,
that churches will fill up with faithful folks all across our land,
dusty Bibles will be opened and hearts will abound with love,
so I send my fervent Christmas prayer, straight to Your throne above.

Precious Lord, You are worthy to receive our honor and praise.
Draw all who need You, with Your great love, to walk in all Your ways—
Revive! Revive us, Jesus! I long to see what You will do
in answer to this Christmas prayer…all glory belongs to You!

Maude Carolan Pych

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