Tuesday, March 12, 2019


Today’s Lenten Meditation

Until Resurrection Day

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As Moses did, when boldly, he exclaimed,
"I want to see Your glory, Lord!" Likewise
if God appeared before my very eyes
I know my life would never be the same.
Must I wait death to see Him, undisguised?

An even truer measure of belief
is to adore Him while He is unseen.
Let me explain exactly what I mean…
Remember Doubting Thomas' unbelief
which became belief in that awesome scene,

when he put his finger in the nail wound?
Jesus said, "Blest is he who has not seen
and yet believes." Better by far to glean
increasing faith that becomes deep and sound
by prayerful study of what Scripture means.

There is a kind of seeing in the heart.
It comes from knowing Him; knowing Him well,
as study makes Him clear, clear as a bell.
It matters not if one is dim or smart
to see without the eyes. Oh, see and tell!

Maude Carolan

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