Sunday, August 18, 2019

"Sunflowers Along Emmaus Road"

Another Sunflower Poem...

Here is a sunflower field
that reminds me of the one I saw
several years ago, along Emmaus Road.

Israel Pilgrimage—1986

A field of big, bodacious sunflowers
seem to be a great cathedral choir
singing the Hallelujah Chorus
with exultation
while sun-shining millions
of dazzling petal spires upon us
along Emmaus Road

It is fitting
because I am ablaze
with Jesus-joy
to be here

as I think about my newly
Resurrected Lord, vanishing
at the very breaking
of the bread

astonishing the disciples
who sat with Him
at table

Those utterly bewildered disciples
whose hearts thumped
and blazed
with glory fire
as He walked with them
as He explained to them
the Holy Scriptures

2000 years ago
along this very road

Maude Carolan Pych

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  1. Maude, I saw this on a t-shirt at a flea market in PA and immediately thought of you!
    Advice from a Sunflower
    Be outstanding in your field
    Hold you head high
    Spread seeds of happiness
    Feed the birds
    Think solar
    Keep on the sunny side
    Grow up!
    I would love your chapbook of sunflower poems - if I can't grow them, at least I can enjoy the brightness of your poetry!

  2. I need that tee shirt, Barbara! If I ever see it, I’ll buy it.😊 I will gladly send you the chapbook. I have your addy.🌻