Sunday, January 19, 2020

A Spiritual Retreat...

Have you ever been
on a spiritual retreat?

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The following poem was written following a retreat
experience, at Tamiment in the Pocono Mountains,
several years ago.

A special bond develops
when women pray for one another...

Three women
meet at a lodge
in the Pocono Mountains
They are strangers—
but that soon changes

One, freshly wounded
two, a decade older
had been healed
years before
of the same sorrow

The two
instinctively soothe
the younger sister
with the balm
of compassion
speak soft words
of experience

At apricot sunset
they walk a wooded path
along the edge
of Tamiment Lake
Coming upon
a crude table
and benches
they stop, sit
join hands
and beseech God
as a million tree frogs
chirp crickety crescendos
from shadows
of tall leafy boughs
and deer graze
in their midst

As twilight wanes
they arise to go
then keep
one another
from stumbling
along the rocky path

Maude Carolan

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