Saturday, March 7, 2020

The Lamb Upon the Cross

Until Resurrection Day

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What's this I see in a feeding trough?
A lamb asleep in a bed of straw
without any blemish to behold…
the Lamb deserves a crown of gold

What's this upon crossbeams, I see?
A lamb impaled…sacrificially!
I fall to my knees before His Grace—
the Lamb looks down. I see God's face

From lintels stained with blood of lambs
to the Cross that saves from being damned—
the whole Word holds a mystery…deep!
Blood of the Lamb has saved His sheep

All glory to our Paschal Lamb
Messiah, Son of the great I AM
Who from that humble bed of straw
became our Savior…We bow in awe!

Maude Carolan

The above poem appears in my new book, "Behold the Lamb...poetically!" Elm Hill Press. It is available online at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. For more information go to

I'll be reading Lenten poems from my book:
"Behold the Lamb...poetically!"
Monday evening at 6:30
at the Totowa Library
537 Totowa Road, Totowa, NJ.

and I'll be available to sign copies.
Come, I'd love to meet you!
Admission is free.
Refreshments will be served.
(Enter and park in the rear.)

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