Tuesday, April 7, 2020

"Along Emmaus Road"

Until Resurrection Day

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Luke 24 & Isaiah 53 NASB

I’m sitting in the kitchen
with my Bible open
reading about the men
who were walking to Emmaus
the Sunday following the Crucifixion

thinking how bewildered they were
and dismayed that the one
they supposed was their savior was gone—
He died upon that Cross on Friday
leaving their hopes completely dashed

and I’m thinking about Jesus
joining them on their journey
as a complete stranger
bringing the hope of the Gospel
as He explained about Himself in the Tanakh
without revealing that they were actually walking
the seven miles to Emmaus
with their newly Resurrected Lord

I flip through the pages
and see Jesus handwritten in the margins
of the Old Testament, over and over
wherever I’ve discovered Him anew
and recall each exciting revelation

and imagine their amazement
as they listened to Jesus
revealing Himself as He spoke
about Moses and the Prophets
particularly when He came to the part
about the Suffering Servant in Isaiah 53
How exciting it had to have been to hear it
from the lips of the Suffering Servant, Himself—

Despised and forsaken
a man of sorrows, acquainted with grief
smitten of God and afflicted
pierced for our transgressions
crushed for our iniquities
by whose scourging we were healed

Who like a lamb was led to the slaughter
Who like a sheep, was silent before its shearers

assigned a grave with wicked men
but was with a rich man in death

He rendered Himself as a guilt offering
and God would prolong His days


I visualize the men
clutching their burning hearts

When they reached their destination
they invited the stranger to stay with them
because the hour was late

and as they gathered around a table
to partake of an evening meal
Jesus lifted a loaf to bless—

Suddenly their eyes beheld
His nail-pierced hands!

and as He broke their humble bread
they recognized Him

In that instant Jesus vanished!

but the words He spoke
along the road that day
were permanently seared
upon their hearts

so they rose from the table
and hurried off that very hour
all the way back to Jerusalem, in the dark
to tell the disciples of all the wonders
that happened that remarkable day

Maude Carolan Pych

Note: The above poem appears in my new book (depicted below), "Behold the Lamb...poetically!" Elm Hill Press. It is available online at Amazon & Barnes & Noble. For information, go to http://maudespoems.com.

Behold the Lamb...poetically!
By Maude Carolan Pych

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