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"Behold the Man"


Until Resurrection Day...

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Good Friday, 2009


There’s an archway in Jerusalem, engraved with the words, “Ecce Homo,” which represents the place where Pontius Pilate paraded Jesus, bloody and bedraggled, before the hostile crowd, and exclaimed, “Behold the Man!”


I. Behold Him:


The King of all kings, downcast

among those He came to save

wearing a robe, stained crimson

crowned with twisted thorns

clenching a brittle reed—

His royal scepter

in His royal right hand


as Blood trickles

down His brow

spittle drips

down His chin

His eyes

are puffed and dazed

His strength, gone


He stands

amid those He loves

mocked, scourged, silent

silent as a docile lamb

He is the Docile Lamb


The multitude

cry out in unison


Crucify Him!


Soldiers lead Him

stumbling and falling

to the crucifixion site

the ominous Place of the Skull—


They pound sharp nails

through cringing flesh

and post the charge

above His thorn-crowned head

further mocking Him

with Truth—


This is Jesus

the King of the Jews


II. Behold Him


In the fullness of time

This Once Mocked King will return

crowned with beauty and majesty

to reign—


hallowed with Hallelujahs

and Hosannas


Multitudes will gaze

with wondrous awe

upon the Risen One

the One they pierced, returned


A multitude of knees

will kneel upon the ground

as countless tongues proclaim

with resounding adoration:


Jesus is Lord!                                                     


and this once ridiculed, bedraggled

crucified Savior King

will be hailed in Heaven and on Earth

by men and angels                                                   

as Our King of all kings forever—

and ever and ever


with Alleluias earnest


…at last!


Maude Carolan Pych

Here I am, reading from my book,

"Behold the Lamb...poetically!"

It's available online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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