Sunday, July 18, 2021

Looking for Jesus...

 Every month Pastor Steve selects one of my inspirational poems to feature at Beth Israel Worship Center in Wayne, New Jersey. The poem is set up decoratively, placed in a frame and broadsides are available for the taking. This month we are featuring a timely new poem. I've also decided to share it here on my blog this week. Every opportunity to share my poetry is a blessing to me and I pray the poems are a blessing to you...

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I’m looking up, up into the sky

like those disciples

at the end of the Gospel of Luke

as they watched Jesus ascend

gloriously into Heaven


and thinking about those men in white

who told them Jesus will return

in the same way

descending through the clouds


so I’m peering intently into cloudscapes

If my eyes could send lasers upward

to burn through them

perhaps I’d see more

perhaps I’d see Him


perhaps He’s getting ready

to return


I hear of wars and rumors of wars

watch the nightly news to find

people worried about the pandemic

and variants and global warming

There’ve been slashings on subways

People are depressed and agitated and angry

They’re demonstrating aggressively

pushing, shouting, stabbing, and shooting

There’s unbridled violence and mayhem

It’s obvious, many have plainly forgotten

how to love one another


which isn’t surprising

since so many of Jesus’ teachings

have been cast aside

and honor, glory, and praise

are being withheld from Him


so I’m praying for repentance

and revival and pleading

for people to return to God’s Word

and His loving ways


Meanwhile, more than ever

it feels like the end times—


so I keep looking up

peering through breaks

in the clouds, gazing deeply

into the high blue heavens


watching to see


if my Jesus is coming down


Maude Carolan Pych

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