Sunday, August 15, 2021

It's Sunflower Time of Year

Photo by Maude



Sunflowers make me smile—

because they’re absolutely outrageous!

They’re taller than a beanstalk

and way, way larger than a flower should be


They easily pass me in height

and keep right on growing

Each stately stalk and its sturdy leaves

go up, up, up like a ladder to Heaven

and when that flower bursts into bloom

it lights up my whole backyard

like the sun’s come down for a visit

All the shaggy petals are golden sunrays

shining upon me, while

the bees buzz with delight

sucking in nectar


I think God made sunflowers

to cause us to look up and take notice

of His handiwork and His generosity


His Love, too! The bigness of it!

His magnificent magnanimousness!


Oh! It’s certainly no wonder—

Whenever I see sunflowers

they always, always, always make me smile J


Maude Carolan Pych 

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