Sunday, November 7, 2021

"There's a Bit of Peter in Me"


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 I’m thinking of one of the twelve

I’m thinking of Peter

thinking of a common fisherman

dropping his net in the Galilee

and without question

following Jesus


thinking of him

listening to His teachings

witnessing the miracles

and when he beheld Jesus

walking toward him and his brethren

on the lake

he sprang right out of the boat

and walked upon the water to meet Him

till his faith faltered and he sank


Oh, sometimes I have

that fervent zeal of Peter

and other times I sink

like a stone


Sometimes I proclaim


You are the Christ,

the son of the living God


other times I shrink

into the background

and say nothing


Sometimes I imagine myself

blurting out, along with Peter


Even though all may fall away

because of You

I will never fall away


yet even upon thinking

that thought, can hear

a rooster crowing

in my ear


But oh! how the apostle

loved Him

how he rose to the plea of


Feed My sheep


How he came through

on the Day of Pentecost

proclaiming the Gospel

and leading thousands

to Christ


It was his stellar moment


Peter may not have done it all

perfectly, but he did

what he was called to do


and in that spirit

I hope to feed

a few of His sheep



Maude Carolan Pych

The Holidays are Coming...

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