Sunday, November 26, 2023

"Greetings, Favored One!"

 A-Poem-a-Day Until Christmas

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The Gospel of Luke, NASB


I’ve read the story many times

in the Gospel of Luke

and many times

tried to imagine exactly

how it happened—


tried to picture Mary, as a young virgin

Some sources place her

around the age of my grandchildren

school kids about twelve or thirteen


Mary may have been alone in a room

or at the well in Nazareth, drawing water

or with friends in the crowded marketplace



in a moment’s whoosh!


a winged man

an angel, Gabriel

from above the highest clouds

the unseen dominions of Heaven

appeared before her

to deliver a vital message

from Almighty God, Himself!


Greetings, favored one! he said


Oh! It’s so hard to visualize—


but, I imagine Mary fell prostrate

trembling all over, aware

of each pounding beat of her heart

I imagine she dared not even glance

toward the face of God’s holy messenger—


Gabriel likely spoke tenderly

urging her not to be afraid, then

explained she would conceive

and bear a Son

He would be called

Jesus, the Son of God


What an astonishing



When Mary was finally able to speak

she asked how this could possibly be


and Gabriel told of

the Holy Spirit and overshadowing

by the Lord Most High


Overwhelmed, yet

observant, obedient

and utterly trusting

the Lord, her God


Mary said, Yes.

May it be done unto me

according to God’s word.


So, in the fullness of time

miracle of miracles!

the virgin did give birth

in the humblest of places—

a lowly manger

in Bethlehem of Judea


Angels sang Gloria

Shepherds left their fields

to worship Him

Magi followed a star

pulsing above them in the sky


Glory to God in the highest—

Jesus, Our Savior, is born!


and the world

has never been the same—


Maude Carolan Pych


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