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It's all about...THE LAMB Vol. 13; Issue 1

March 15, 2013
Vol. 13, Issue 1




It’s all about…The Lamb



Maude Carolan Pych/Quarterly Poetry Letter



“Worthy is the Lamb that was slain to receive power and riches

and wisdom and might and honor and glory and blessing.” Rev 5:12 NASB



It’s all about…The Lamb is a quarterly publication for lovers of the Holy Lamb of God, who also enjoy poetry. The purpose is to magnify our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and inspire an ever-deepening relationship with Him, the lover of our souls…



Of course it’s a mom’s prerogative to boast, so pardon me please as I tell you that I was excited and proud to have my son, Kevin Caruso, be the guest speaker at the North Jersey Christian Writers Group (NJCWG) meeting in January. He spoke on the topic of screenwriting, and as I listened, I learned considerably more about screenwriting than I knew before. I’m sure many of the writers in the group would echo that statement.


Kevin is the founder of the New Jersey Screenwriters Network, which meets in Westfield, N.J. His screenplay THE RUT was a Nicholl Fellowship semifinalist and won the Cinestory Screenwriting Competition. THE RUT is currently being packaged with director Karyn Kusama  and actress Chloe Moretz . He co-wrote the film I TRIED for CodeBlack Entertainment. The DVD went platinum, selling over 250 thousand units. Kevin’s screenplay EXPOSURES OF WAR received a perfect score and the highest monetary award ever from the New Jersey Council of the Arts. In 2010, his “Southland” speculation piece was the First Place winner in the Scriptapalooza TV Competition.

Kevin took the group on a verbal tour of the how-tos of writing a script, editing, networking, social media, agents, managers, marketing, contests, etc. He undoubtedly supplied enough fodder to give our talented writers a nudge to attempt this form of writing.




My friend, Barbara R. Williams-Hubbard, was the featured poet Saturday, February 23rd at Classic Quiche Café in Teaneck, participating in the North Jersey Literary Series hosted by Paul Nash and Denise LaNeve. It was Barbara’s first featured performance. I was blessed to be in the audience.


Barbara began her presentation by reciting poems and singing, beautifully and without musical accompaniment, about the season of Lent and Easter. In one of the poems she portrayed Mary Magdalene, in costume. Then, after an open reading, Barbara returned to the podium to perform another set of poems on various subjects. Throughout, God was wonderfully and poetically glorified.


Then, on March 9th, Barbara exhibited and read three poems at the annual St. Catherine of Bologna Art, Photography & Poetry Exhibition in Ringwood, N. J. She won the Judge’s Choice award for poetry, for the second year in a row, this time for, “Chartres”.


I’m pleased to say that two of Barbara’s poems are featured in this edition of “It’s all about…THE LAMB.” They are both from her series, “Wilderness Musings for Lent and Easter” and are titled, “Released” and “Palm Sunday: I am Seeing You”. It’s a perfect time to read them, meditatively…


+ + +  THE POEMS FOLLOW  + + +



 I am seeing you--

walking, riding towards Jerusalem,

shouts of triumph overshadowing

the wailing that is to come.

Were you calm, sad, resolute?

Did you wave to the crowds

or simply ride through their midst

blocking out the sound

of their self-proclaimed expectations,

voicing their, not your truth?

I struggled yesterday to make a palm cross

with my granddaughter;

tried to remember how,

recalling the voices of children

on that day, and now,

I am seeing me--

looking with eyes into a 2,000 year old past,

standing in the background,

understanding what the crowd then did not.

Hosanna that you came,

I say quietly inside myself.

You, the Lord of the universe

with a kingdom not of this world.

Hosanna that you came

to save all who call upon your name.

Hosanna that you came and saved me.

Hosanna that you came

and saved this child who knows

and in her own way, playing with the palms,

honors you.


Barbara R. Williams-Hubbard

© 2005





The days move forward.

Jesus knows his time is coming.

The cross is imminent--

a shadow in his every step,

every word,

every action.

He continues to teach,

reassuring his followers of his love,

speaking more plainly than before,

training them for the test of faith ahead,

praying for them with his every breath.

I wonder, did he toss and turn in his sleep,

struggling with the inevitable,

like we do when we know

the cross ahead of us will not pass?

In the garden, he bowed his head,

resting at last in his father's will,

in a love that would not let him go

and that would raise him three days later

from the dead.

I have come to know the promise of "Your will be done"

as sorrow mixed with joy,

resolution mixed with trust,

fear calmed by hope,

death followed by new life.

Thank you, Lord, for speaking plainly,

so that I in my simplicity can understand

the grandness of your love,

the greatness of your sacrifice.

And help me, Lord,

when I am prostrate on your altar

to remember

Easter morning, daybreak

with birds singing softly

and your voice to a weeping Mary,

even as I kneel with her

and weep.


Barbara R. Williams-Hubbard

© 2005



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Look for the next edition of It’s All About…The Lamb, June 15, 2013






Dear Subscriber,

In closing, I’ll echo a few words from Barbara’s poem…

“Thank you, Lord, for speaking plainly,

so that I in my simplicity can understand

the grandness of your love,

the greatness of your sacrifice.”


Blessings to you as we approach Passover and Resurrection Day…days which remind us that we are saved by the Blood of the Lamb…


God be with ewe,






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  1. Thank you Maude for sharing - both Kevin's story and Barbara's poems. I'm speaking at my church next Sunday and now plan to open with Barbara's poem about Palm Sunday before I share my message about "i am the Bride."

  2. Thanks, Susan. I'm sure Barbara will be pleased to know that you'll be sharing one of her poems next Sunday. May the Lord bless your message about the Bride.