Sunday, March 10, 2013

O When the Saints...



"Oh, when the saints…Oh when the saints…"

I can almost see you marching, my darling

with a twinkle in your eye and a spring in your step

like I hadn't seen in years…

No halo, no feathery wings

no Bourbon Street strut, no Sachmo

no funky Dixieland umbrella

movin' up and down to the beat

but I see you, just the same

marchin' in…

marchin' through those Pearly Gates

up the golden street, along the glassy sea

hup two, three, four…

marchin' right up to The Throne

Yes, I can see you, my darling

falling to your knees before The One seated

as an emerald rainbow swirls around you both

I see Jesus rise to His feet, draw you to His bosom

and welcome you in


I think of our wedding day

of Bob Leive's Wooster Street Trolley Band

and Bob leading the march with his old battered horn

to the song you loved so much

We all fell in line behind him

singing, "Oh, I want to be in that number…"

as we marched round, round and round

the reception hall


Then I think of your funeral day

when you lay in the front of the room

looking healthy enough to sit up and ask me to dance

We listened to eulogy after eulogy

and praised God for bringing you Home

Pastor Ben began strumming his guitar

and we got up out of our seats

and marched as we sang,

"Yes, I want to be in that number

when the saints go marching in…"


We did it just for you


Maude Carolan


This is posted in memory of my former husband, Leo F. Carolan, who marched into Heaven, nine years ago tomorrow, March 11, 2004. This poem won the second place prize for poetry on March 11, 2006, at the St. Catherine’s Art, Photography & Poetry Exhibition in Ringwood, NJ. It is published in my chapbook, “The Widow’s Song.” Ordering information is at the end of this blog.
I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate my poet/friends, Elizabeth Marchitti and Barbara Williams-Hubbard for winning awards for poetry this weekend at the 2013 St . Catherine’s Art Show. Elizabeth won both third prize and an honorable mention award and Barbara won the judges choice award for the second year in a row.


  1. I love this poem about Leo. I'm sure he would have loved it too.

  2. Thanks, Beth. I can almost hear Leo singing that song. It was his favorite. He told me that he wanted it played at his funeral. Yes indeed, I'm sure he would like the poem, too.