Thursday, March 10, 2016

I Think Jesus Laughed a Lot...

For Friday, March 11, 2016

Until Resurrection Sunday

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We each have our own conception of Jesus--

This is mine...


Each of us has our own concept of Jesus—
As for me, I think He laughed a lot
Yes, I think Jesus threw his head back
with a wide winsome smile
and laughed heartily from the gut
and I think He did it often

I know it doesn’t say so in Scripture
but still, I imagine that the One
Who hung out with the twelve
shared some mighty amusing stories
around the campfire on starry summer evenings
I figure He even occasionally bore the brunt
of good-natured razzing by the brethren
as they passed around roasted fish
and barley loaves on the shore of the Galilee

A guest at parties and weddings
Jesus was actually accused
of being a winebibber and glutton
He wouldn’t have received
those kinds of invitations
and that kind of reputation
if He had been solemn and grim

and speaking of wine, I’m quite certain
no somber individual would have
turned H2O into the fruit of the vine
so a wedding feast could proceed
with expected merrymaking and
no embarrassment for the host

O I’m sure Jesus was great fun to be with—
that mothers handed their babies to Him
that He kissed them and blessed them
made funny faces, chucked their chins
and tickled their tummies
causing them to giggle and coo

I picture children climbing up on His lap
and being bounced on His knees
as He told stories about Jonah and Daniel
I’ll bet He even tossed a leather ball
back and forth with the neighborhood boys

and when someone approached Him
with despair and grief and longing
my mind’s eye sees Him
wrapping His arms around
the one in need—
turning sorrow into hope

O it’s true, Jesus got plenty stirred up
with righteous indignation
even knocked over vendor tables
in the Temple courts
and vented anger vehemently
at hypocritical Pharisees

but this was the world His Father created
and loved so much
that He sent Him here
to save

Yes, I’m sure He laughed a lot
in spite of the fact
the dreaded Cross stood before Him
because He knew His mission
and of the joy to come

Indeed, the joy
for what He would accomplish for us
was already in Him

Yes, Jesus knew there was a time to laugh
and a time for anger
as well as a time to weep

O, I am touched by His humanity—

No wonder I love Him

Maude Carolan Pych

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