Friday, April 7, 2017

A Poem About Mary of Magdala

A-Poem-a-Day Until Resurrection Day

Painting by J. Kirk Richards


It’s no wonder
Mary of Magdala
traveled with Rabboni
and the twelve
and helped
support His mission
She was a woman on fire
with love and gratitude
a woman freed
of seven snarling demons

It’s no wonder
despite trepidation
she watched at a distance
as they nailed her Great One
to a wretched cross
cupping her ears, wailing
at each resonating hammerfall
No wonder
she drew near
as He hung
in the agony of dying
for being there
was better
than not being there

Mary, bereft
looked upon her Rabboni
as they took Him
from the beams
laid His powerless Body
in the tomb
and rolled a great round stone
across the entrance
separating Him from her
before the sun went down
that Good and terrible Friday

and it’s no wonder
she was back at dawn
the morning after Sabbath
with other ministering women
carrying spices
heedless of who
would roll the stone away

But the tomb was open
and the women trembled
as an angel astounded them
with talk of rising

Mary ran to the apostles
but it’s no wonder
she returned
to grieve near the tomb,
wanting to be
where last He was

A stranger, the gardener?
inquired of her weeping
"Sir," she implored
"if you have carried Him away
tell me where you have put Him
and I will get Him"



Astonished, she reflexively
reached for Him…
"Do not cling to Me"
He told her
"for I have not yet ascended
to My Father"

Oh, it’s no wonder
it was she He entrusted
to bring the news
to the brethren
No wonder
she ran, stumbling over rocks
and potsherd
dashing through brush
and brambles
raising tufts of dust
eager to exclaim
breathless with jubilation

"I have seen
the Lord!"

Maude Carolan

And here is a bonus poem
written by my 11 year-old grandson:

Image credit:


God is like the sun,
He brings love and warmth and light.
God is like the sun,
He gives us holiness and might.
God is like the sun,
He does such amazing things.
God is like the sun,
No one can give the life He brings.

Dean Muniz

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