Monday, April 10, 2017

Jesus is the Lamb of God

A-Poem-a-Day Until Resurrection Day

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It's a better idea than spring baskets,
with jelly beans, mallows and bows;
it's far better than flowery straw bonnets,
Mary Janes and brand new clothes,

a much better idea than bunnies and chicks,
eggs painted pink, purple, blue…
This time let us give our sweet children
an Easter present that'll ring true.

Let’s give a plush lamb, all spotless and pure
and tell them Jesus is its name…
Tell them Jesus is the Hope of the World
and Easter's the reason He came.

Tell them God's Son is sinless and meek
He's the unblemished Passover Lamb;
tell them He died on Calvary's Cross
to save sinners. He's the great I Am.

Tell them that on the first Easter morning
Lamb Jesus arose from the grave –
and that is why in their tiny hands
is the soft little lamb that you gave.

Tell them Lord Jesus loves them so much
that He wants to be their Best Friend.
Their little lamb will remind them of that
after Resurrection Day ends.

Tell them chocolate bunnies, bonnets and beans
are okay, but not the best part –
the best part of Easter is Jesus, the Lamb,
Who came to live in their hearts!

Maude Carolan

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