Sunday, February 4, 2018

Just Love One Another

Here's an oldie from the back of the file drawer...

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Some say
only Catholics get to Heaven,
some say
Protestants have the key.
Some debate sprinkling and immersing,
Virgin birth, saints, the 144,000, the Great Tribulation,
while others argue
infallibility of the Pope, Purgatory, Baptism of the Holy Spirit,
or whether Bread of Communion
becomes Flesh (with a capital F),
or is partaken in remembrance.
Some say
read only the King James,
others, the Douay-Rheims,
others, the N.I.V.
Some say
pray in tongues,
while others say it’s of the devil.
Some say
pray silently, reverently
with folded hands and nodded head.
Others say
shout, leap, dance with timbrels
and raise arms high in praise.
Some say
it’s impossible to be Jewish
and believe Jesus is Messiah,
sitting Shiva for those who do.

I’ve worshipped in all your churches,
sang “O Salutaris” in a cathedral
with a Cross gleaming above its towering steeple,
“How Great Thou Art” in a stone hillside chapel,
“Oh Happy Day” in a store-front on Main,
and “The S’hma” in a Messianic synagogue
with David’s Star and the Lamb
up front by the Bimah.
I’ve read Father Girzone’s, “Joshua”,
said “Amen!” as a radio evangelist
implored listeners
to focus upon what unites,
not what divides,
but most of all
I’ve sensed
the One who knows hearts well,
whispering ever so softly
into mine,
just love
one another.”

Maude Carolan


My poet/friend, Rev. EJ Emerson
has just published her book,
"Psalmistry--Reflections of Praise"
It contains a psalm-a-day
that will encourage, enlighten, amuse, challenge & uplift readers.

And, EJ blessed my heart
by dedicating her wonderful book to the memory
of my deceased husband, Leo F. Carolan.

Her book is available at

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