Sunday, February 11, 2018

To My Valentine...

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I’m blessed to be married
to a Godly man

Let me tell you about him—
Bob received the Lord as a young man
at a Billy Graham crusade in New York City
and has been serving Him
in various capacities all his life

On the day I met Bob, he came
as a widower, with a group from church
to minister to my dying husband
in a nursing home in Livingston

He also ministered regularly
to patients undergoing chemo treatment
at Hackensack Medical Center
and for eight years
was a one-on-one volunteer
for a resident at a center for the
developmentally disabled
Bob has been a Gideon for years
distributing Bibles at schools
hospitals and wherever needed
He’s generous to people in need
and compassionate, particularly
to the downtrodden

Bob loves our congregation
(Beth Israel Worship Center)
as much as I. We sit side by side
and sing, worship and listen attentively
to the inspired teachings
of our pastor/rabbi, Jonathan Cahn
We enjoy fellowshipping
with the church members
and after each Sunday service
look forward to working
with our faithful little team
to count the collection money
After that, the two of us
usually go out to dinner

In the morning, Bob puts a CD in the Bose
and fills our home with worship music
Usually, it’s Les Morrison’s “Messianic Violin”
or Messianic vocals by Marty Goetz
or old-time hymns by George Beverly Shea
Other times he reads us a devotional message
from a book by Max Lucado

Every evening before dinner
Bob leads us in a prayer
for our family and friends
and those who ask us
to pray specifically on their behalf

He takes care of himself—
works out with Peter, his trainer
once a week and on his own, besides
He practices his swing at the
Passaic County Golf Course
and in summer, swims a lap or two
at the Totowa Pool, most days
Actually, I’d say that he’s
in darn good shape
for his 86 years

A few times a year
we get to go away
on a nice vacation

Life is good!

It’s a blessing for me
to be spending these latter years
with love and sweet contentment
happily yoked to this Godly man—
my beloved husband, Bob Pych

Maude Carolan Pych

The above poem is included in my 411-page memoir in poetry, "Wonderhoods." For information about ordering, please scroll to the end of this blog.

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