Sunday, November 3, 2019

Happy Birthday, Hubby!

Happy 90th Birthday, Bob Pych!

Sto lat!
"May you live 100 years..."
(at least!)

For Robert Pych—November 3, 2019

Happy birthday, my darling—
Ninety is definitely a milestone!

There’s so much to celebrate—
reasonably good health
great family, close friends
a comfortable life
but most of all
truly, truly, most of all
this is the perfect time to celebrate
enduring love, in these, our golden years

for we live a gentle life
with lots of I love yous
and spontaneous embraces
that generate smiles throughout the day

We take care of one another
and consider each other
in our own unique ways—
You’ve endured plenty of poetry readings
I’ve been known to flip
through magazines at the racetrack
We frequently gather at the Scrabble board
and squabble about those two-letter words
or by the TV, where we really try
to find something mutually agreeable to watch

Every evening we join hands in prayer to God
for all the people we love
and some we’ve never met
whose names are given to us by others

Who would ever have thought
love would keep on growing
and be so tender and sweet
as hair gets greyer
wrinkles get deeper
memories get muddier
and backs get achier
but the truth is
at least in our case, it does

May you live to be 100, hubby!
Sto lat! Sto lat, my dear!!!

Maude Carolan Pych

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