Sunday, November 10, 2019

Dead Sea Dips...

Pastor/Rabbi Jonathan Cahn of Beth Israel Worship Center, Wayne, NJ,
is presently leading a pilgrimage in the Holy Land.
The tour will surely include a dip in the amazing Dead Sea...

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Israel Pilgrimages—1986 & 2006

Twenty years ago—

At midday, I slipped into
crystal clear salty sea-water
warm as bathwater

Saline stung
my freshly shaved legs

Great salt pillars
like giant white mushrooms
rose above the water
and glistened in the daylight

Some bathers climbed upon the pillars
others floated on their backs
and read a magazine
as depicted in advertisements
in glossy travel mags

The surprising buoyancy
delighted me
as silky natural minerals
caressed my skin—
a luxurious
spa-less spa treatment

Over-exuberance caused me
to disregard caution—
Salt-water splashed into my eyes
blinding me
until washed away
with copious freshwater

This trip—

It’s sunset
Our group enters the sea
(actually a big salt lake)
smaller than it was
twenty years ago
due to steady

This time the water
is cool and brown
There are no
salt pillars to climb

We cautiously step
into squishy mud
It oozes between our toes
and swallows our feet
like quicksand

Guarding against sliding
on slick slippery stones
we dip down                                   
and pull up handfuls
of soothing, luxurious mud
and laugh as we
slather it lavishly
over arms, legs
even our faces—
thankful for the cover
of darkness

Later, in the gift shop
we purchase packages
of Dead Sea mud
at five dollars each—
beauty treatments
for our daughters
back home

Maude Carolan Pych

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