Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Mary & Elizabeth

Day #2

Until Christmas...

Mary & Elizabeth


A young virgin
from Nazareth was roused
by the flapping of wings
a manshape in moonbeams
and a perplexing salutation:

Greetings favored one!
The Lord is with you

It was Gabriel
an angel sent by God
who told Mary she would conceive
and bear a boy child, Jesus—
the Son of the Most High

He spoke of the Holy Spirit
and overshadowing
and of her relative, Elizabeth
who though barren
conceived in her old age—

for nothing is impossible with God

Awestruck, trembling
needing to tell someone
who did Mary go to first?
Her mother? Father?
How would they receive such news?
Or did she run to her betrothed, Joseph
expecting him to understand?

Oh, he wanted to understand
wanted to believe, but
it was unbelievable, preposterous
So, stunned, disappointed
feeling utterly deceived, Joseph
contemplated quietly sending her away

Then Mary remembered the angel
had spoken of her dear cousin, Elizabeth—
Is that why Mary hurried off
on a brave trek to the hills of Hebron…alone?

Of course, it had to be Elizabeth
aged, wise, expecting
and now acquainted, herself, with miracles

When Mary arrived at the home
of Zacharias and Elizabeth
Elizabeth’s unborn baby
leapt for joy! in her womb
and in a whirl of wondrous ecstasy
Elizabeth knew of Mary’s pregnancy
before being told

…then a psalm-like lilt of praise
sprang from Mary’s lips
extolling the great things
the Mighty One had done for her

Tender were the next three months
as the household awaited Elizabeth’s travail
(and the birth of John, the baptizer)

The women prepared their layettes
folded the swaddling-clothes
shared their magnanimous miracles
and confided maternal aspirations
as their bellies swelled

…and I like to think
Joseph ran all the way to Hebron
one day expressly to announce
his own angelic vision in a dream—
that he was to take Mary as his wife
and they would await
the miraculous birth of Jesus—together

Maude Carolan Pych

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