Friday, December 6, 2019

"The Christmas Concert"

Day #6

A-Poem-a-Day Until Christmas

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As a mother and a father sit with other moms and dads
in a crowded auditorium waiting for their gals and lads

to perform at the Christmas concert playing flute or sax or drum
or caroling their hearts out, parents sit smiling, rapt and mum.

It doesn’t matter if their offspring forget some words or squeaks
parents just keep snapping photos. This is one of life’s sweet peaks!

Observing, it occurred to me, when I give God stammered praise
or fumble with lyrics of a hymn, His eyes do not get glazed.

My prayer need not be eloquent; my song need not be smooth
God’s tender eyes are watching me; there is nothing I must prove.

As each loving mom and dad adores their child’s song, off-key
my Heavenly Father knows my heart. He’s pleased to hear from me!

Maude Carolan Pych

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