Sunday, August 9, 2020

Rev. EJ Emerson, Pastor & Poet


Rev. EJ Emerson--1950-2020
My dear friend, Rev. EJ Emerson, went to be with the Lord, Friday, August 7. She was a Jewish believer, who went to Bible college, was ordained in 2005, and presently served as pastor of the New Utrecht Reformed Church of Brooklyn, NY, one of the oldest Reformed churches in America. EJ also was a poet.

One of my delights each December has been to be featured with EJ and two other poet/friends, at The Ant Bookstore & Cafe in Clifton, NJ, for a special evening of holiday poetry and music. 

For years, EJ wrote a psalm a day. She created a manuscript of psalms and published it. I often called her a wordsmith for her wonderful use of language in her poetry.

In her memory, I will feature a poem from her book, Psalmistry, available at The poem is titled, "Grieving."


It seems impossible even as I say it, Lord,
But I thank You for mourning and grief.
Thank You for the passion that connects people:
The love that crafts friendship, fellowship, family;
The complex cloth loomed over time
Strand by strand
With meticulous care by Your Weaver's hand.
And when a strand is severed
Or a knot tied off
Thank You for allowing us the grace to weep
The ability to feel the anguish of loss
The freedom to shout our anger, our pain.
Thank You for taking our screams
Our pummeling fists
Our protests of injustice
Our pleas to reunite the broken threads.
Thank You for the process of grief.
It reminds us we are mortal
It reminds us we are interdependent
It reminds us we are unique
It reminds us that love is part ache...
It reminds us that You,
Creator of the universe,
Ransom for the lost,
Sanctifier of the sinful,
You weep;
You ache;
You grieve, too,
Whenever we break away.

EJ Emerson


  1. Dear Maude, Thank you for posting this beautiful memorial for your friend and poet. Her poem brought tears to my eyes, so moving. Thank you so much for sharing! xo

  2. Thanks for commenting, Kathy. EJ had marvelous insight that was brought to life in her poems/psalms. I’m not surprised that you were deeply moved.