Sunday, March 27, 2022

The Betrayer...

A Poem for Lent...

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“…But woe to that man who betrays the Son of Man!

It would be better for him if he had not been born.” Matt 26:24b (NIV)


He controlled the money bag

dipped into the money bag

dipped with Jesus at table

mingled with Him

chewed the fat

as they roasted fish

along the shore of the Galilee


Judas watched Him heal

the blind and lame

even raise the dead

was there when He fed

hungry multitudes

calmed a raging squall

and walked billow to billow

upon the storm-tossed sea


He heard Him teach

beatitudes, parables

even how to pray

observed His tenderness

as children climbed

upon His lap

observed His mercy

to those who sinned much


The day Mary anointed Jesus’ feet

with extravagant nard

and dried them

with her unpinned hair

it was he who complained

the perfume should have been sold

the money given to the poor—

yes, it was he, holder

of the purse strings


When this same apostle agreed

to betray his master

for a handful of silver

did he think

the Miracle Worker

would somehow slip away

unscathed, as He had

the day He was driven

out of the synagogue

by an angry mob

intent on throwing Him

off a cliff


Woe to the mercenary

betrayer of the Son of Man

…Mammon had always been

his greater god


Their final evening

at the Paschal meal

the Master stooped

to wash filth

from His betrayer’s feet


Judas partook of the Bread

drank of the Wine

and when Jesus dipped a morsel

and gave it to him

from His very own hand

the taker took that, too


Later, in the garden

following Jesus’ great travail

Judas approached Him

with armed cohorts

called Him, “Rabbi”

kissed his face

still damp with blood and sweat

as the Rabbi called him, “Friend”


The word echoed

echoed, echoed

in thunderous


till he flung

the tarnished coins

through temple doors

till he tied

a ragged noose around his neck

and hanged his wretched self

from a jutting twisted limb


Maude Carolan

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