Tuesday, February 28, 2023

"Carrying My Cross"


Until Resurrection Day

Today marks my 1000th Blog Post...


To God be the Glory!

The trials we must face in our lives
can be difficult to accept.
The following poem was written
during one of those trials...

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I accept this bitter cup

filled to the brim

with the wine

of sorrow

I'll take

and drink

it dry


For I have tasted

the sweet wine

of the red


of joy

the wine

of gladness

the wine

of blessing


I accept this cross—


I will lug its weight

upon my

bony shoulder

and trudge

the pathway

of travail


I misstep

and stumble

I'll call for help


My cross

is so, so small

compared to Yours

My bitter cup

sweet honey

All I need

to make it


is Your hand

and Your deep




Maude Carolan

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books of poetry
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