Sunday, February 19, 2023

My Valentine to God...

Last week I posted God's Valentine to us.

Today I'm posting my Valentine to God...


My Valentine to Jesus


 Sometimes, there are no words—

I come before You, Lord, with adoration

filled with a strong desire to express my love

but all the words that come to mind

seem over-used and feeble

and cannot convey what I long to say

I’m a poet, a wordsmith

with adjectives a-plenty, and

 dictionaries, thesauruses, lexicons

close at hand, but

today I yearn to bless You afresh

with eloquence, depth and originality

I want it to be profound

something You’ve never heard before

however, I find there are no words

none to express the inexpressible


so I empty myself of words

and call upon Your Spirit

Sounds begin to tumble off my tongue

and through my lips

I trust a perfect utterance

rises like incense to Your throne

that is pleasing to Your ears


then I simply sit awhile

awestruck in silence

arms lifted heavenward

and let my beating heart speak

the unspeakable


content that You know

how much I love You, Lord


Maude Carolan Pych

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