Monday, December 14, 2020

Grieving at Christmastime

 Today's poem is to let those who are grieving at this time know that they are not alone.  This season, following so many losses due to the virus, may be more difficult for many of us. Take true solace in knowing that the Lord comforts the brokenhearted. I wrote this poem following the passing of my husband, Leo F. Carolan in 2004.

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In Memory of Leo F. Carolan—1930-2004


Wrote my annual Christmas poem

and sent it out as usual

well aware that anyone who didn't already know

would know even before they opened it

as soon as they saw the return address label

with just my name on it—

Included your photograph

and a few words about your passing

baby photos of Logan and Aiden

and a few words about God taketh and giveth


Shopped, pretty much as usual

except, of course, that a significant gift

was missing from my list

I gift wrapped and set up the crèche

and a few decorations

baked cookies—

shortbread, chippers

anise biscotti, sugar cookie stars

Packed tins to mail

and give and have on hand

I'd glance at the empty chair

and miss you sitting there, smiling

as I rolled out dough

and sang O Holy Night way off-key


Received lots of cards

and lots of notes and phone calls

from people stunned

by the news in my letter


Beth and Evert invited me to spend

the day before Christmas Eve with them

before they flew to Miami

with Logan to visit Evert's mom


On Christmas Eve I went to Beth Israel

to celebrate the birth of Messiah

Gave Pastor Jonathan his tin of cookies

then headed south on the Parkway

after midnight so I could be

at Kristin and Randy's in time

to see Aiden's eyes light up his first

Christmas morning


Over the next few days

I visited my sister and brother

Aunt Carol and friends


Kevin and Omayra invited me

to spend a quiet New Year's Eve

with Omy’s family in South River

Tearless, pensive, I lifted a glass

to ring out the old, ring in new

I slept in the guest-room

at my son and daughter-in law’s home

We sat around the table in our bathrobes

New Year's Day morning, eating

buttered panettone with glazed chestnuts

then drove to The City to see a play

We ate in a deli that charged holiday prices

and toured Ground Zero on foot



it was over

I got through it


without going to pieces


Maude Carolan

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